Days of Change

Day 1165 – When Newt Gingrich Came to Town

January 13, 2012
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I watched the Mitt Romney hit job from Winning Our Future PAC. Once the half hour mis-infomercial finishes, you are directed to the PAC’s site to tell you all of the great “issues” Newt believes in and all the babies Mitt Romney eats. Such is campaigning.

Ironically, Newt may be doing Romney a favor. In 2008, Republicans began to despise Romney’s negative campaign tactics against candidates like Mike Huckabee. Huckabee may very well have stayed in the race to keep conservative votes away from Romney. That negative campaigning also made McCain look like the more grown up candidate.

Even though Gingrich is probably near the end of his effective time on the stage, his relentless attacks (compared to the sad tantrums of loser Rick Perry) are making Romney sympathetic. When the left attacks Romney on his religion, he’ll have a comparison for unfair attacks. Don’t underestimate the counter-intuitiveness of an election season. If elections made sense, Obama wouldn’t be president.

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