Days of Change

Day 1163 – Enough

January 11, 2012
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It turns out that there isn’t a set of 3 candidates like in 2008. We have Romney and about 4 not Romneys. Santorum has the most delegates behind Romney. Ron Paul has some consistency at the low end. Newt has the money and the name recognition. Jon Huntsman has no chance, but he has slightly more chance than Rick Perry.

I would argue that Romney is as conservative as the others. The comparison is constantly made, and there are different ways to measure how conservative a Republican is. Does Ron Paul win just because he never votes for any spending and everyone in the House ignores him? Huntsman has been called conservative by talking egos like Joe Scarborough, but he’s been running away from conservatism this whole campaign. Newt and Santorum are all about money. They’ll have to be to beat Obama.

All these candidates should be conservative enough for the base. One of Mitt’s most loathsome qualities, attacking fellow Republicans, will be tempered by the responses by Gingrich and Perry. Better to draw fire now than to be blindsided by the Democrats.

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