Days of Change

Day 1160 – Why Won’t They Do My Job For Me?

January 8, 2012

Media were predicting Saturday’s debate would be a circular firing squad with Mitt Romney in the middle. That’s somewhat reminiscent of 2008 Democratic primaries where Hillary Clinton was the chief target of her rivals, even after Obama became a contender. Today, pundits are wondering why the other candidates didn’t draw more Romney blood.

It’s clear that Obama’s team of evils is already expecting Romney to be the nominee. The narrative is that they want to run against him. I think it’s more likely that they also expect Romney to be battered to the point where he will be easy prey to Obama. The problem is that some of these candidates want to run for president, not to be the spoiler that clears the way for someone else to beat Romney.

Meet the Press took the tact to ask every candidate to say something bad about Romney right off the bat. It is imperative to the reelection campaign of Obama that Mitt Romney be at a serious disadvantage, since Obama has never had an even match he’s ever won.

I doubt that the Republican candidates are paving the way for Romney. I do think they are trying to take some of the oxygen out of the media obsession with Romney’s inevitability.

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