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Day 1143 – When Romney Loses | December 22, 2011

The pundits and politicians who support Mitt Romney (because I don’t know any real people who do) are starting to take on the personality of a Ron Paul supporter. Romney consistently polls below 30% everywhere. He created the model for Obamacare, which is the one thing that brought people together to expel a Democratic House. He has about the same expereince as Obama, except less of it now that Obama is currently president. He gets angry during Fox News interviews and he’s more willing to go negative against other Republicans at the drop of a hat than at Obama himself.

Mitt Romney will either lose the GOP nomination or the general election. Republicans can take their pick. Four years ago, the electable candidate was Rudy Giuliani. He lost quickly. John McCain had good qualities, but his refusal to use the tools of campaigning assured his loss. Neither of them fired up the base. Romney is actually putting out the base.

It looks like the Republicans are once again trying to foist a candidate on their party’s membership trhough sheer force of will. Assuming the plan works and Romney is nominated, what do they do when he loses? Hopefuly, Sarah Palin’s efforts will turn the Senate to the Republicans and give Obama no legislature at all. He can still do a lot of damage, and he’ll have 2 years to blame everything on the Republicans. By 2014, we could have another 2008 with Obamacare now unstoppable.

Mitt Romeny isn’t the worst republican candidate, (that might be Fred Karger) but this idiotic coronation is making him the worst. Romney has said that he’s ready to fight all the way until June, but he’s really willing to outspend any candidate as he’s locked up a lot of financial support. Buying the elites and spending your way to a nomination is what the Democrats did for Obama in 2008. Do we really need a repeat?


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  1. Do we really need a repeat?

    Yes, if romney is the candidate. $$$ is the ony way he could win, except that, obama has unlimited (Soros) money and a ton of free advertising called “journalism” by the msm.

    Comment by Mary — December 22, 2011 @ 11:04 pm

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