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Day 1142 – The Long Night

December 21, 2011
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We are about 2 weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses. As of yet, there are no Democratic challengers to Obama, so it goes to the Republicans for the actual news. The last time people in Iowa actually went somewhere and voted for a candidate, Michele Bachmann was the winner. Since then, polls have shifted like desert sand toward no one in particular.

Ron Paul walked out of a CNN interview. Newt Gingrich made a cynical plea for an end to negative campaign, mostly against him. Even worse, Mitt Romney made the ridiculous claim that his superPACs work against his wished. Well, John McCain managed to get most of the attacks on his behalf against Obama eliminated. Bachmann is trying to do anything but talk about her qualifications and Rick Perry is only treading water.

The results in Iowa will probably not force any major player out of the race, but it will reveal one thing. We will see who can actually get thousands of people together to choose them. A lot of people are voting Anybody but Obama this year, but Anybody isn’t running. Someone is running. Let’s hope it’s someone good.


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