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Day 1129 – The World’s Favoritest President

December 8, 2011
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MSNBC seat warmer Ed Schultz was named one of GQ’s least influential people. He responded by telling them to kiss his ass. Predictably, almost no one noticed. I turned on MSNBC for entertainment purposes and saw the following clip.

This was followed by Ed’s remarkable advice to Obama that whenever Republicans criticize his foreign policy, he should respond with something involving bin Laden. Why not? The hallmark of this Nobel Peace Prize winner’s administration is in the targeting or assistance in targeting foreign leaders who do anything to tick off the president.

The funniest part is that the above clip is from Talking Points Memo. It seems they are on board with the idea of taking out individuals as long as a Democrat is doing it. By comparison, look at what they used to say about Bush and his “get,” Saddam Hussein.

Then there’s the news about “Fast and Furious,” a high octane adventure with Vin Diesel overly macho named disaster starring either the State Department or the Attorney General, depending on who goes under the bus first. Eric Holder lowered the standard of perjury down to a witness’ state of mind.

Mexico’s normal government corruption is being overtaken by what is deemed narco-terrorism. The US response was to track weapons going over the border to the drug lords who would then by arrested. Instead, it was a fast and furious delivery of untraced weapons to a bunch of dangerous criminals over the border of another country.

I’d sure hate to have Newt Gingrich as the president next year. He might do bad things in the rest of the world.


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