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Day 1084 – Where’s the other 70%? | October 24, 2011

When you have a field of over a half-dozen candidates, (I forgot about Buddy Roemer and others already) you only need 20% or so to be a front-runner. Mitt Romney goes over 30% when he’s paired against Obama as a binary choice or when the options are limited in some other way. At the same time, he benefits from the fact that so many others are keeping anyone else from being the clear frontrunner.

Herman Cain is ahead in the polls, but he needs to maintain that lead longer than a month. Bachmann had a month, Perry had slightly less. Romney has been consistent, but consistently low. Even in 2008, he tended to stay around 30% when paired against more than one challenger. Does he have the ability to get to 50%?

Mitt Romney has been more interested in tearing down his opponents than building himself up. Even Obama made sure his personal narrative was inspirational while surrogates slimed his rivals. Bill Clinton had TV producer friends make his campaign videos. Now Perry has Tim Pawlenty’s ridiculously dramatic ad team. What’s worse for Romney is that he’s creating a lot of bad blood among his rivals who will be the ones to endorse him if he wins the nomination.

I hope the Republican Party is aware that it will take all hands on deck to defeat Obama. He has money, patronage and the media behind him. The economy may suck, but they’ll just ignore it and run on something else. Romney needs to not let Obama change the game, and he’d better not do Obama’s job for him if one of his opponents gets the nomination.

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  1. The economy may suck, but they’ll just ignore it and run on something else.

    Heard on O’Gasbg tonight that the fix is alreay in. Show host (can’t call the bot a journalist) on Meet the-Press Sunday said that there;s not much obam can o about the economy, but he’s really strong on international affairs.

    Can’t do much about the economy? He’s the freaking President. But three years later it’s still Bush’s fault, the implication being that Bush could have fixed the economy: thus, wonder-boy is not as good as Bush. But don’t tell the bought-and-paid-for msm that’s such is the logical conclusion ofstheir jackasd-coddling.

    And a foreign affairs star? Just as i said all along, he’s backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the ME. Witness Libya’s new Sharia-based govt.

    Comment by Mary — October 24, 2011 @ 11:28 pm

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