Days of Change

Day 1057 – Fat Chance

September 27, 2011

The irony of the Chris Christie for president movement is what’s driving it. Assuming Christie does not, in fact, commit suicide and still runs, it will be because he has poor reelection chances in New Jersey. New Jersey is a fickle state. They want the fiscal discipline, but they don’t want to lose any services to get it. Chances are that a Democrat might get the governor’s mansion in 2014.

Christie is not a bad candidate, he’s just not a standout. The Tea Party won’t like him when he gets the kind of scrutiny that soured them on Rick Perry. In that case, he’d have to take the not-Romney slot in the race, and the Tea Party mantle is still open. If Sarah Palin does not run, Herman Cain may have that place just because he’s the last man standing.

Ironically, the best candidate right now is Newt Gingrich. He has taken many opportunities to state that the Republicans need a unified front against Obama. The candidates with the least movement in the polls have been the ones who’ve talked the most trash about other candidates. It’s going to be a tough fight next year, we don’t need the GOP to write Jackass’ campaign ads for him.


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