Days of Change

Day 1056 – Don’t Mace Me, Bro

September 26, 2011

YouTube has been abuzz with videos of Wall Street Occupation protesters being manhandled and even maced by NYC police. I’m sure I’m a fascist for thinking this, but maybe the place for justice isn’t the internet, but the legal system.

Some of these young protesters may not want, but probably think about being roughed up and detained by the police. From all the TV they’ve seen, it isn’t really a protest until the cops drag you away. At the very least, people are prepared.

I’m sure the people pushed to the ground and sprayed with mace were injured in the process. They also made sure to make their troubles known, loudly. The student screaming ‘Don’t taze me, bro!” at a different protest wasn’t keen on getting tazed, but he was keen on making sure anyone with a camera knew that he was being painfully electrocuted.

Police officers should not being pushing around peaceful protesters. They don’t even need to push around loud, angry protesters. However, I’m willing to cut the police some slack. At least they were doing something. I’ll be damned if I know why a bunch of people picketed a financial building on a Sunday that basrely gets used during the work week.

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