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Day 1055 – Bulworth

September 25, 2011
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I enjoy certain political movies. Bulworth is one of them. The movie stars Warren Beatty as Jay Billington Bulworth, a rank and file Democrat who is embarking on his last Senatorial campaign in California. The trailer shows some of the more confrontational aspects of the movie, like when Bulworth tells a black audience that they’ll never vote anything but Democrat and they don’t matter. He also tells a Jewish audience that he panders to them for money.

The movie ends up being about political pandering, insurance lobbyists and the statement that “socialism” in medicine is the only way to go. The cringe-worthy moments involve race relations. Beatty does a number of absolutely terrible raps. Plus, he suggests that America needs “a voluntary, free-spirited, open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction.” I won’t even explain that one.

The funny thing is that this decade old movie may be more relevant today than in 1998. Our national health care system will now serve to funnel people into the for-profit insurance system. Jewish voters are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the Democratic party. The black community is supporting a black president who has done less for African-Americans than many white presidents. Senator Bulworth tells it like it is, and it made him a sensation. I wonder what happens if other candidates did the same.

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