Days of Change

Day 1053 – A Series of You Tubes

September 23, 2011

I first heard of the Key of Awesome from an interview on Fox News’ Red Eye program with site creator Mark Douglas. He was doing a parody of the kind of soulless soulful crooning of guitarist turned lead vocalist John Mayer. That was video #14. Now they have three times that number, mostly music and music video parodies.

Some time later, I found out about the contribution of that channel and the people behind it to the phenomenon of Obama Girl. Some people are really offended by the video, seeing it as a guerrilla marketing campaign for Barack Obama. I see it more as a parody of the breathless excitement people like Oprah Winfrey brought to the 2008 election season.

Those beliefs could be well-founded, however. Mark Douglas, for example, came back on Red Eye two weeks later. He mocked Sarah Palin and never darkened the studios of Fox News again. The entertainment industry of YouTube can be pretty pro-Jackass. The incredibly mediocre people of Funny or Die run hard to the left (and aren’t funny, either).

Still, the open nature of the site has allowed other points of view to flourish. Some media like talk radio is almost exclusively conservative. Fox News doesn’t just have all the conservatives, their ratings can equal the total of the other three cable “news” outlets combined. Rick Perry can make a YouTube ad and get it on every TV station as well by osmosis.

I try to be careful with my entertainment dollar. I still watch The Key of Awesome because they are pretty distinctly non-political. I’m just not going to take any crap (or political endorsements) from them. There are way worse media campaigns going on out there than a girl in a bikini lip synching an Obama-centered love song.

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