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Day 1046 – Absolute Corruption

September 16, 2011
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“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Lord Acton

Solyndra may very well turn out to be a case where an administration worshiping at the altar of green jobs gave a questionable company money and loan guarantees. What’s becoming even likelier is that a Chicago politician gave a sweet deal to a campaign contributor under the cover of investment.

Right now, I know a few disturbing things. The technology that Solyndra was developing had already been made cheaper and better by competitors without government help and some employees knew it. Also, Solyndra had gotten other loans at favorable rates by not making the government the first creditor paid in the event of bankruptcy. That should not have even been allowed, especially since parts of the deal were red flagged by other agencies.

This is the logical result of giving a corrupt politician the power of a president. Not only does he have the presidency, but the Democratic Party has shown little interest in doing anything but give him a rubber stamp until the very recent present. Jackass may have been palling around with terrorists, but it’s not the bombs that were causing the damage. Many of these people either see politics as a way to bankrupt the government to feed a social agenda or as a funnel to enrich themselves.

Barack Obama’s Rezko ties, Michelle Obama’s hospital council position, the William Ayers connection and the Chicago political machine were all signs of money and political advancement possible by supporting the rich and well-connected. Jackass received hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions and an impressive portion of the stimulus went to paying back those donors.

This president isn’t a good man who does bad things. He’s apparently an amoral man whose flaws are amplified by the power of his office. The people who think he’s a corporatist or a socialist are both off the mark. He’s a crony with the biggest job in the world. His donors are socialist and corporatist and he’s trying to serve too masters at once.

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