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James Gregory Smith

September 11, 2011
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Since this blog started, I have made a tribute to James Gregory Smith as part of Project 2996. This tribute from Newsday commemorates the 10th anniversary. This link is another tribute to James G. Smith.

On this 10th anniversary, there are a considerable number of tributes to the victims, but consider making a tribute on your own blog through Project 2996.

This is my original post from 2009.

For my tribute in Project 2996, I want to relate James G. Smith to some of my experiences since I never knew him.

James Gregory Smith graduated from the University of Albany with a BS in Business Administration. My sister also graduated from Albany. I’ve been there recently myself. His interest in business started with keeping his paper route money as a kid in a Cap’n Crunch Treasure Box instead of spending it on a whim. His career in business brought him to Cantor Fitzgerald. The New York Times related a story that in that business you had to get up each morning ready to “bite a bear.”

The one thing I took from the story of James Smith is that there are people who have money because they are wise with the money they earn. I think it’s important to remember that terrorist Muslims attacked the heart of United States economics. Business is a good thing. Investment is a good thing. How we do it is for government to regulate. That we do business is something to respect and celebrate.

Today, I honor my country and its people.

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Day 1041 – Ten Years Later

September 11, 2011

I think this is the point where the events of 9/11 transition into history. It’s not a bad thing, necessarily. We have a Memorial, the ringleader of the attack is dead and the organization behind it is impotent. We remember many events in this country’s history. People memorialize Pearl Harbor and the Civil War. People pay tribute in Oklahoma City. This country can now come to a place (places, in fact) and remember September 11.

9/11 was born of anger and confusion. The death toll was given as 50,000 early on, then 7,000 for days after. Some people knew about bin Laden, but few knew about al-Qaeda. Memorials were given at the empty sites where destruction had occurred. We went to war as a country, a war on the very ideology that would condone this.

We will never forget, but more importantly, we will remember now. Everyone’s lives may have changed, but most of us have our new normal. The families of the victims of 9/11 will not have normal, just a news reality. My sympathy lies with them.

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