Days of Change

Day 1040 – Absense of Malice

September 10, 2011

I think we’ve seen this movie before. Jackass proposes some focused group tested phrases, calls it a bill, makes his minions in Congress actually write the legislation then demands it be passed without the benefit of reading it or scoring it for cost. The amazing part is that some Democrats never seem to tire of the same sequel over and over.

These people and their willing allies in the media are under the presumption that the Republican Party would rather Obama lose than the economy recover. Part of it comes from the disturbing belief that you can’t “hope he fails” because Obama is the president, protected by something between the divine right of kings and Papal infallibility with a little Big Brother thrown in. A president can be wrong and can fail when he is.

Democrats also seem to think that not only are Republicans wrong on the issues, they know they are wrong on the issues and choose to thwart the clearly superior ideas of the other side for the sake of power and general evil, even when those superior ideas are contradictory within the Democratic Party itself.

There’s a lady out in the public who is ridiculed by the Democrats and dismissed by the Republicans. She talks about something called crony capitalism. It’s what happens when the government (a few hundred or thousand individuals) has the power to extract billions and even a trillion dollars from large businesses and wealthy individuals. These people have the money and they use a surprisingly small amount to keep a very large amount away from the government.

Here’s an example. If someone had to pay 70% of their income in taxes, would they look for a way to make less of that money taxable? Even if you believe in the personal morality of rich people to pay their taxes, what would happen if that rate were 93%? If someone were taxed on 100% of their income, would they work anymore? If you think a 99% tax rate would bring in more revenue that 100% tax, welcome to the Laffer Curve. Nobody knows what the ideal tax rate is, but it’s not 100%. Republicans think it’s 10%, Democrats thinks it’s about 40%. Is 30% the difference between good and evil?

Of course, this happens on the other side. It’s possible that Republicans think Obama is going to create a police state and FEMA work camps because they are racists, but there are some Democrats who think he’s creating a police state too. Republicans may think that the Clintons murdered people and took bribes in the form of investments out of hatred for political geniuses, or it might have just been a few fringe people overblown by the media and not the rank and file of the party.

Any political party can have bad ideas. They can have wrong ideas. They can also in some cases have evil ideas. Some differences can be negotiated. Others need to be compromised. Some need to be stopped as much as possible. For over two years now, the fights have been over very few fundamental differences in values, but over where revenue comes from and where it goes. This kind of thing goes back to the founding of the country. Difference of opinion does not call for demonization. Unpopular policies are not always the result of an ill-informed public. Not every rich person hates the poor, or vice-versa. There is evil in this world, but it rarely wears a campaign button.

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