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Day 1039 – That’s $4,000 per Family

September 9, 2011
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That’s a rough estimate, of course, but this “new” jobs plan is slated to cost $450 billion. Jackass claims it will all be paid for, (either in spending cuts or new taxes)¬†but he told the same lies about Obamacare. He took some from Medicare and made up revenue for the rest. Whatever the result, we’re losing half a billion somewhere.

Bush’s version of a stimulus was to cut a check for $600, the equivalent of the difference¬†from a 15% to a 10% tax rate. People had money immediately. Obama has held onto this payroll tax “deduction” which essentially reduces the amount of money going into Social Security. It’s a back door way of adding to the debt. His stimulus was a giveaway to his constituency groups and any Republican groups he needed to pass it.

What if instead of blowing this money on school repair and tax cuts for rich businesses, he cuts a $4,000 check to every family in the country? The money would be spent right away in most cases. That’s not in the plans, though. If you can’t use money to pay off specific cronies, it’s not worth using.

Funny, some presidents aren’t worth keeping, either.

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