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Day 1034 – You’re Gonna Walk Alone

September 4, 2011
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I’m most of the way through the new, improved and downsized Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon. It’s not a true Labor Day event anymore since it ends at midnight on Sunday. The same B-list and lower celebrities are on, just in smaller proportions. The weird and obscure entertainers are gone, which made my night in the graveyard shift of the telethon.

I assume the Muscular Dystrophy Association saw the writing on the wall. Jerry Lewis ran out of the big name friends that could give star power to this show long ago. It’s a good cause, but big names have other charities tied to them. Others just don’t give a crap about anybody. People just don’t sit in front of the TV anymore and use the phone to call in a pledge. They go online or opt for the convenience of the grocery stores with register-side donations.

The Jerry Lewis thing is still weird. Did he strongly object to the 70% shorter format? Did the MDA just get sick of him? I’ve seen the telethon beforeĀ and he wasn’t on as much as you think. He shows up, immediately loosens his tie. He tells racist and sexist jokes, talks about his kids. He sings a few songs and sleeps for most of the middle of the telethon.

I still hold the secret hope that Jerry will make a surprise appearance in the closing minutes of the show and this was some ham-handed ruse to generate attention. Otherwise, it’s just silly. I almost forgot it was on at all and missed the 6pm hour. It continues to be forgettable.

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