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Day 1033 – Run, Sarah, Run?

September 3, 2011
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Sarah Palin gave a sort of anticipated speech today at a Tea Party rally. A few days earlier, it was suspected that Palin could announce a run for the presidency. She did give her proposal to create jobs and went after crony capitalism. She has a certain gravitas when it comes to cronyism, since she fought it in Alaska. It certainly wouldn’t do Rick Perry any favors.

I’ve commented before that no Republican candidate wants Palin to run, but they would all like her endorsement. One thing this non-announcement does is keep Palin from having to make an endorsement. Maybe even better, it keeps the media from claiming that Palin won’t endorse any candidate because the field is so bad.

For me, I’m done urging Palin to run. She will run or she won’t. Given the field, I would pick her in a primary. I think Sarah has reasons for her time-table and rampant speculation is pointless. In 2004, the Democratic nominee was essentially decided the day after the Iowa caucuses. Palin still has time to run… or endorse.

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