Days of Change

Day 1030 – A Whole New Kind of Crazy

August 31, 2011
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Most people know by now about the Hustle for the House tonight. The story is that the President sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner (and the media) requesting a joint session of Congress be called Wednesday, September 7. Boehner’s office countered that there would be little time to make security arrangements as it would be the date of the opening of a House session. The White House agreed to September 8 instead.

Here’s the situation. 9/7 is the date of a Republican debate, including two sitting members of Congress. Also, the opening of the session is like the first day of school, so not everything will be ready for a presidential address. Ultimately, Boehner is the Speaker of the House, he gets to decide what happens in his House.

This was a petty disagreement. Jackass thought he could kill a GOP debate with one speech. Boehner figured people wouldn’t give a crap if the speech was Wednesday or Thursday. Most people probably won’t, except that the NFL season begins Thursday. What escalated this was the full-on crazy explanations by Obots as to why this was a great insult to the office of the president.

One Democrat on Hannity tortured logic to Gitmo proportions thusly. Boehner must grant the president any time slot he wants because he is the precious president. What if Congress isn’t in session? Well, he should be able to call a session any time. Then why didn’t he call it for the last two years weeks when he said he had a jobs plan? Because he was waiting for Congress to be in session. There you go. Repeat as necessary.

MSNBC is worked up pretty heavily over this situation. They are offering Jackass any number of schemes to regain the upper hand. Do the speech anyway in another place with an adoring crowd. Call Boehner out for daring to defy his president. Tell America once and for all that Republicans don’t really care about jobs, or they would have had the speech on 9/7. Okay, they have a point. Republicans are not allowed to rhetorically ask where Obama’s job plan is on September 7. Any other day is fine, just like the scheduling.

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Day 1029 – No Humdinger Tonight

August 30, 2011

So, here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking about how much everyone uses government programs and money, whether they want to or not. It was brought about again by Tea Partiers who allegedly said “Government, get your hands off my Medicare.”  It occurs to me it’s a lot like someone putting drugs in the water and then telling everyone they can’t have an opinion on addiction.

FDR liberals have this warm glow when it comes to the socialism of that president. That fact that civil liberties took a backseat to his ideal of government doesn’t really bother them and in fact, is indicative of many socialists. They claim that, on the whole, people are better off even though we have the same amount of poverty and unemployment now.

Entitlements are like a traffic circle. Traffic circles or roundabouts are a method used more and more to join multiple intersections. You drive in a circular path and go to one side of the circle to get on another road. This does not prevent accidents. There are more glancing blows and fender benders. What gets lessened is the number of head on or violent side collisions. It’s safer for people but more hazardous for property.

Our entitlement society is not all upside without a downside. Social Security nearly eliminated poverty among the poor, but it put a 6% tax on all working people, even the poorest. I’ve had $20 paychecks with Social Security taxes taken out. Medicare and Medicaid brought health care to the poor, but it also created more demand than supply in the medical field. Tax advantages to businesses that insure workers put insurance companies in business to the point that individual plans are almost impossible to afford.

Every time someone gets a check from the government, it bypasses capitalism. Once that check is cashed, it is absorbed by capitalism. People talk about the perverse relationship between business and government, (I once called it corporation and state) but it evolved from the massive amounts of money available to business from government. We have two choices. We can take business out of government by turning us into socialists, or we can take away incentives by reducing the size of government.

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Day 1028 – Worn Out

August 29, 2011
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It’s been kind of a long day for me. Instead of trying to rush my planned post, I’m going to reschedule it for tomorrow. I’m hoping it will be a hum dinger.

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Day 1027 – Who’ll Stop the Rain?

August 28, 2011
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The Eastern seaboard has survived Irene with a lot of rain and some eventual property damage. Will Jackass blame the economy on it or take credit for the relative lack of damage? I’d like to replace his short vacation with a very long one.

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Day 1026 – Why I’m Not a Liberal

August 27, 2011

This is something I’m not exactly going to apply a hard and fast rule to. Liberal can be taken like conservative, where a lot of different beliefs can be tied to it, even if it doesn’t describe how people really think. At the same time, there are fundamental differences.

First, this has little to do with party. Most early Republicans were statists. They believed in the power of government. Lincoln abused presidential authority more than most. He ended slavery before a Constitutional amendment. Then again, he only did it with states he was waging war upon.

Before Reagan, there were only two other notable men of limited government in the White House, Democrat Grover Cleveland and Republican Calvin Coolidge. For the most part, the Progressive Era that followed Cleveland’s second term was a sign of the times.

Socialism was not a dirty word in the early 20th century. With the advent of Democracy, governments lost the power to plunder. Instead, the robber barons were the bane of the people’s existence. Politicians, as they always do, promised to restrain these men with the power of government and the voters believed them.

FDR really struck when the iron was hot. He put a series of burdens on business to be redistributed to the poor, the workers, and the rich as it turns out. Employment became a contract with the state, where an employer was told what the minimum wage should be, how much had to be supplied to the government for a retirement fund and tasked with taking that out of each paycheck, because FDR learned it was easier to steal in small doses. (more…)

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Day 1025 – One Out of Six is Bad

August 26, 2011
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Jackass is pretty much wrong on all his promises from the nomination speech.

Provide care for the sick? Nope. 1500 waivers and counting and people still don’t know what Obamacare is.

Jobs for the jobless? Austin Goolsbie puts the number at 2.5 million. In 3 years, that amounts to 50% of the minimum level to compensate for new entrants. I don’t think Bush had numbers that bad in any 3 year period of his presidency.

We ended a war? Iraq is drawing down due to Bush’s blueprint, but there are others in the pipeline already.

Secured a nation? Not so much from illegal immigration. Terrorists we can talk about in 4 years when he reach’s Bush run after 9/11.

Restored our image? Not really. We went from being more liked to less liked than during the Bush administration.

The rise of the oceans began to slow? Well, it seems that Hurricane Irene is slow compared to others, which is very bad news for damage. I guess the earth won’t heal this weekend.

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Day 1024 – Lemmings

August 25, 2011
1 Comment displayed a list of 10 websites that have lost large amounts of traffic and may be on the way out. One of them is NewsCorp-owned MySpace, which never really understood the draw of Facebook. Other sites on life-support have a more lefty flavor to them. They may be the lemmings following the unpopularity of their light bringer.

Gawker – The is basically the empty husk left of Ana Marie Cox’s site when she left them for greener pastures from the infamy of her fake hooker stories. They somehow managed to get worse and definitely more Obama-friendly. is basically the first internet outpost of Democratic Party cheerleading. This administration has done enough to create friendly media out of whole cloth that Salon’s recent tendency toward Obama critical liberalism isn’t welcome. They lost the credibility to make the claims anyway. – Many PUMA sites felt the rath of Google / Blogger when their blogs were flagged by Obots and their accounts were frozen. WordPress, which is still growing in popularity, does not equate seminar flagging with a bad site.

People do want their ideas reenforced and those sites filled the bill. However, now that most people have seen the faults of the current government, they can’t accept the uncritical defense of a president and party that hasn’t gotten anything done. If you think people are voting with their feet here, wait until election day.

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Day 1023 – When Your Friends Desert You

August 24, 2011
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I posted my take on what the Democrats don’t seem to understand about Democrats on The Cawdad Hole tonight.

This whole “Democrat good, Republican evil” stuff isn’t good for anything. In 2009, the Senate needed 3 Republican votes to pass the stimulus. The price was $100 billion less than they wanted and another $100 billion in tax cuts. We still don’t really know what was in the rest of it. Liberals kept boo-hooing that all of the money should have been spent on unemployment and public assistance. Even some Democrats weren’t going to vote for that. If those idiots had proposed a $1 trillion “infrastructure bank” then, probably 10 Republicans would have ended up voting for it because it meant real jobs.

Then there’s Obamacare. Liberals kept saying “Medicare for all” when most Democrats in Congress weren’t planning to vote for that. Two Democratic senators had to be bribed by their own party just to vote for Romneycare. The House passed a more progressive bill then the Senate, but when Republican Scott Brown won in Massachusetts the House just voted for the Senate plan.

Republicans have more resolve, not because they are evil, but because their voters always have their hand on the trigger. McCain lost because Republicans stayed home. Bush Sr. lost because Republicans went to Perot. Republicans are always just a little more scared that their constituents will give them a big “screw you.” Democrats can’t concieve that blacks or gays or other interests groups will do anything but vote for them.

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Day 1022 – All You Can Tax Buffet

August 23, 2011

Warren Buffet has recently claimed that he is paying too low of a tax rate without even trying and the federal government needs higher taxes on the rich. This is supposedly a bold statement as he has a lot of money. He might have a point, if he actually talked about the real problem with people like him. You’re better off not producing anything for tax purposes.

Berkshire Hathaway produces money for its clients through investment. They invest in companies, but they also buy other financial interest that appreciate in value. The company pays approximately 25% of its earnings in capital gains. Assuming Buffet’s income isn’t pre-tax, (who knows what arrangement he has) he pays about 17% in capital gains tax for a total tax bill of 38%. That’s about the tax rate of straight income for the top bracket now.

Now, he doesn’t really pay that amount. Buffet doesn’t mention that he makes quite an effort to avoid taxes with charitable trusts, insurance company rules and overseas hedges. Since those practices are not necessarily tax dodges, he ignores that when he talks about his low tax rate.

Jacking up the top marginal rate will a) have little effect on him and b) raise taxes on people with incomes in the low 6 figures including small business owners who file sub-chapter S. For him to pay more, (since he has refused to cut a check to the Treasury) we need to streamline the tax code so that capital gains used in lieu of income are taxed as income.

The real problem is actually the high corporate tax rates in the United States. At the “upper” end, (a company making over $18 million) the rate is 35%. It’s the second highest rate in the world and the rest of the world is benefitting. Not only is manufacturing moving overseas, corporate headquarters are as well. Right now, the government gets about 23% of corporate income in taxes. Bill Clinton has proposed the rate be lowered to a more competitive 25%, with many of the loopholes eliminated.

This is the point. Taxes are an obligation to keep government running. Corporations distribute money to shareholders and employees. The people at the end of the transaction are the ones who should pay a share for government. If a corporation isn’t a person, what are they getting out of the government for their tax payments?

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Day 1021 – We’re Already There

August 22, 2011
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Rep. Maxine Waters had been mildly critical of Jackass last week. As one might expect, she’s had a Kool-Aid intervention. This week, she voiced the opinion that as far as she was concerned “the Tea Party can go to hell.” Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld made one of the more on target remarks that Waters was merely inviting the Tea Party to her hellish district.

The truth is that we are in hell already. Economic and political instability has left us in a very precarious situation. We have a health care law that no one understands hanging over us like a proverbial black cloud. Nature abhors a sucking chasm of dispair, so the Tea Party came into existence to fight the demons.

Rep. Waters should learn that if you don’t want fierce opposition, don’t ruin the country.

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