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Day 763 – True Grit | December 7, 2010

Today I heard a couple of fairly conservative people questioning why the Republicans are pushing so hard for tax cuts for the rich. I was thinking of saying something about sub-chapter S corporations and the fact that most people making over $250K have some people who derive all or a significant part of their income from the “wealthy” person. It wasn’t going to have much effect, though. This is about class warfare. Rich people are asses and the government should be used to stick it to them.

Frankly, there’s little with which to counter that argument. Rich people try to pretend they’re not rich. They often think they’re getting leaned on and end up being cheaper than a middle-class contemporary. They worry about the quality of life over the essentials of life. It seems like rich people, by and large, are amoral.

I would hope that Republicans aren’t supporting lower tax rates to enhance the lives of individuals. I think they’re doing it because rich people have to, even if they don’t want to, employ people. If it is simply a matter of rewarding rich friends, then they are fools. Many of the poor hate the rich. The likelihood that this tax cut will pass even with the Republicans in the minority and public distaste is the ultimate triumph of the party’s attack plan since 2009.

I think it all comes back to TARP. The Republicans thwarted Pelosi by voting against it in an initial test vote. Being Speaker of the House means that you don’t introduce legislation that you are going to lose. The bailout ended up being an amazing display of bipartisanship. McCain stopped running for president just so he could help it to pass (and lose the election). Republicans were bribed and cajoled with pork to vote for this bill the next time. Both sides agreed to let people in the safest districts vote and leave out those where it might make a difference, or in the case of the Senate, leave out much of the 1/3 up for election that year.

The Republicans lost big for their compromise. The ones who survived learned their lesson. There’s no point in going along with Democrats because they’re better at being Democrats. Reagan, Bush (and even the first Bush) showed that a conservative message can win an election. Clinton and Obama ran under that moderate crap. Republicans can’t outmoderate Democrats.

Unity and clarity of message are what the Republican Party is trying to lead on. As the Democrats’ message gets more and more muddled, it is harder to justify and defend, even by its proponents. Some people play 11th dimensional chess. Others just capture the king.


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  1. My comment, which is lost in space, went something like this:

    “This is about class warfare. Rich people are asses and the government should be used to stick it to them.”

    You’ve got the Lefties dead to rights, 15. There’s a reason that ENVY is one of the Deadly Sins.

    Comment by Mary — December 8, 2010 @ 1:00 am

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