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James Gregory Smith | September 11, 2010

Last year, I participated in Project 2996 which asks bloggers to remember on of the fallen from September 11. Aside from reporting my tribute, I will also link to this tribute from another blog. Project 2996 has made it a goal to have a tribute to every soul from that day on a blog or similar web presence for the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. Please consider writing about one of the 400 left without an identified link.

For my tribute in Project 2996, I want to relate James G. Smith to some of my experiences since I never knew him.

James Gregory Smith graduated from the University of Albany with a BS in Business Administration. My sister also graduated from Albany. I’ve been there recently myself. His interest in business started with keeping his paper route money as a kid in a Cap’n Crunch Treasure Box instead of spending it on a whim. His career in business brought him to Cantor Fitzgerald. The New York Times related a story that in that business you had to get up each morning ready to “bite a bear.”

The one thing I took from the story of James Smith is that there are people who have money because they are wise with the money they earn. I think it’s important to remember that terrorist Muslims attacked the heart of United States economics. Business is a good thing. Investment is a good thing. How we do it is for government to regulate. That we do business is something to respect and celebrate.

Today, I honor my country and its people.

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  1. Thanks, 15.

    Comment by Mary — September 11, 2010 @ 3:26 pm

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