Days of Change

Day 412

December 21, 2009

I’m not big on preaching to the choir. That’s why my political activism was reignited by the PUMA movement rather than the lumbering albatross of a Republican Party. I haven’t been excited with that group since the late 90s. That was also the time when it became impossible to talk to a liberal as a conservative without being personally insulted. The harshening tone has happened on both sides, but I can only speak for myself.

PUMAs / former Democrats / liberals with morals are more prone to criticize Jackass and all his lack of real accomplishment lately. It’s fun to watch, but there’s a disturbing undercurrent. Even though the Republicans are at their lowest population in decades, they are still being blamed as the power behind the throne. My friend Uppity Woman linked an article today that basically said that the corporatocracy owns both parties, set up the Republicans to win and the Democrats to lose. Since health care is a failure, the Republicans have “won.”

Oh, please get over yourselves. The Democrats sold out for a win in 2008. They sold out on the war in 2007 because they knew what’s happening now would happen then. Liberalism fails every time. FDR used a war to bankrupt the country with the New Deal. LBJ killed kids in Vietnam while he taxed the kids here to gain senior votes. Jackass is using war to his advantage now. I dare say, except for the Civil War,  more Americans are killed in Democratic administration wars than Republican ones.

I refuse to accept that both parties suck, but the Republicans suck just a little bit more. Democrats can win elections without Republicans, but Republicans can never win without registered Democrats. They are useful idiots, able to follow a movement (like the Tea Parties) and adopt their core beliefs, while the Democrats are useless idiots too willing to fall in love with some cultish figure at their (and our) peril.

Both parties suck, but I can trust the Republicans just a little bit more.

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Day 411 – Lies, Lies, Lies

December 20, 2009
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The big lie practitioners at the White House are definitely causing the most damage to the country right now. Still, the Kool-Aid crew are helping by passing along lies and misinformation. What’s even worse is when people don’t even understand how they are lying.

Let’s start with Climate Change. The criticism has to do with the dubious theory that human progress is making the Earth uninhabitably hot. We didn’t have factories during the Ice Age or during that thaw that followed. However, I’m not even going to complain about that. I am, however, sick and tired of idiots who mindlessly counter AGW critics by claiming we are for pollution, smog, dirty air and dirty water. CFCs (which are banned anyway) and CO2 are colorless, odorless gases. They are not pollutants. You see, Al Gore and his minions say that CO2 causes global warming, not global polluting. In fact, PBS’ “Nova” claimed that pollution was reducing the amount of sunlight hitting the earth and skewing temperature data. Yes, as a skeptic I know more than the average doofus who thinks I’m a moron.

How about Health Care Insurance giveaways? 30 million people will get health insurance under the bill. Really? How is that going to happen? When is that going to happen? The “exchanges” won’t be ready for 4 years. In 2011, the 50 million people without an acceptable insurance plan will be required to pay about $1,500 a year for no insurance at all. 4 years and $6,000 later, they can pay to get insurance that will likely cost $5,000 per year. The liars tell critics they can’t discuss things that may not be in the bill at the end, but they can make grand claims about results that have no proof yet.

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Day 410 – The Way Backward

December 19, 2009
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The Democratic Party Extinction Act, better known as HCRA, is destined to become law in 2010. There are 60 Senators and 220 Representatives with a price tag over their heads. Some are small, like selling out their principles. Others were quite large. Bart Stupak got abortion funding removed, which actually helps with the “deficit-neutral” charade. Sen. Blanche Lincoln got $300 billion and Ben Nelson walked away with true free health care. Nebraska will be paid by the federal government for all their Medicaid bills as long as the program exists.

What’s left to stop this bill are stumbling blocks, not hurdles. The House has one group pro-abortion and another against abortion that will require very precise langauge to get both sides to vote for it. Any wavering will need to be bought off (in a deficit-neutral way, of course). The irony is that Congress has learned the lesson of all welfare recipients, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. No one gets Food Stamps to make ends meet. You only get it when you’ve lost everything else and you apply for public assistance. All these politicians can be bought, but there will be a shopping list longer than the one going to Santa Claus by the time this bill goes to a final vote.

I’d like to indulge in a little speculation on where the health care industry goes after this passes. If the Democrats keep control, expect a number of measures to enhance the “cuts” enacted to pass the original bill. I expect a number of restorations and appropriations to Medicare under the guise of helping people. I see the fine for the uninsured to be severely reduced or eliminated. I see a new stimulus where the government will negotiate a group plan to cover the people required to get insurance. In effect, I expect the deficit portion of this bill to explode in size.

Still, I think a change is coming. The White House could not anticipate the Republicans in Congress. Instead of rushing to worship Jackass, they chose to draw a line in the sand. The party of “no” is instead the party of no more. Most people agree. There is no control in Washington right now. If the Republicans draw a clear ideological difference rather than just relying on party, any bill that passes will be dead meat in the 112th Congress.

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Day 409 – Lieberman

December 18, 2009
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Joe Lieberman is my kind of Democrat, ironically enough.

I may talk a right-wing game, but I was pretty damn tired of Bush in 2004. But the war in Iraq and the Democrats’ refusal to accept it made me squeamish about voting for one of them instead. In came Joe Lieberman, 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate and 2004 entrant to the Democratic Primaries. I have no doubt that had the Democrats sucked it up and nominated Lieberman, he would have won the presidency. He had general election written all over him. Plus, he would have been the kind of social liberal who would have made a lot of sane Democrats happy.

Of course, the inmates run the asylum now. Anti-war became the name of the game. The disgusting liberalism and Hollywood idiocy of the 2004 Kerry campaign actually made me happy to vote for Bush. Frankly, I don’t regret it, either. He became the economic president I wanted when I was jobless in 2003. When I lose my job it will be under Jackass’ mishandling of the economy.

The Cheeto crew that Chris Matthews claimed were not real Democrats yesterday were extremely pissed in 2006 and decided to vent their anger at Joe. Lieberman was challenged and beaten by a fat cat liberal millionaire and lost the Democratic nomination. Republicans decided to turn a losing battle into an amazing victory by voting for Independent Lieberman rather than the Republican candidate. While Joe is still a Democrat at heart, he never forgot that solidarity.

Eight years after being the 2000 Vice-Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, he stood before the Republican National Convention to tell everyone why his friend John McCain was a better man than the Jackass. Then he went back and caucused with the Democrats in the Senate.

Liberals, the White House and assorted Democrats are going after Joe now. The need his vote, but they don’t like the cost. Well, Reid and Pelosi decided to play Let’s Make a Deal, Joe’s just the one with the best costume in the audience. They should be careful, too. He’s an Independent, and he could easily decide to caucus with the Republicans. Now, it won’t matter. In 2011, it could lose them the Senate.

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Day 408 – Useful Idiots

December 17, 2009
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What sort of politician do we want in the government? If we put away morals and ethics and boil it down to ideology, what is the best way to run the country? There are statists who want the government to direct everyone’s lives. There are libertarians who want the government to keep a standing army and let everyone else settle their own financial problems. There are liberals who want the everyone to be as equal as possible by redistributing wealth. There are conservatives who want to cut a lot of taxes and use government power to maintain the values they think some people can’t exercise themselves. Then there are all the ideologies in-between.

Lately, there is a movement to get money out of the government. People want the deficit spending to stop. They want the government to stop using money to control different shady organizations. They want their freedom back from politicians who want to tell them who to drive, what insurance to buy and which unionized industry to prop up.

The tea party movement doesn’t have much of an organization. This political season sees them forming an alliance with the Republicans, much like the foreign interests and the deadbeats have allied themselves with the Democrats. As much as the neoliberals want everyone to believe the tea party protesters are all Republicans, that party is only a mean to an end.

In many ways, the Republican Party is being treated as a group of useful idiots. A political party’s elected members can span both sides of the political spectrum. The Democrats gained majorities by selecting a number of “blue dogs” to run in conservative districts. It’s one of the things that may take that majority and make it basically useless for passing a liberal agenda.

On the other hand, the Republicans are reaching a level of unity not seen in a decade. 1994 ushered in a group of conservatives sworn to follow an ideological platform. There was no running of liberal Republicans to get numbers. They let their plans speak for themselves. Some of the agenda ultimately failed, but the party was remarkably steadfast for three election cycles and did some good before corruption set in. Again, the Republicans are looking at a set of core values that will make them useful idiots for conservatives. That beats the useless idiots in the Democratic Party right now.

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Day 407 – Dean

December 16, 2009
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Howard Dean just can’t get it right.

After being a successful governor in Vermont, he decided to run for president in 2004. He stood out of a crowded field of candidates by being squarely against the Iraq War only 8 months after it started. Other candidates, like John Kerry, ran against the economy. Dean had the better issue, since the economy improved in 2004, but it was too late for him.

Wesley Clark entering the race (possibly with the Clintons’ urging) brought a more credible anti-war candidate. A loss in New Hampshire led to the famous scream. His wife was brought into the campaign after the public didn’t like the idea of a spouse being too busy with her own medical practice to campaign for her man. Then the party walked off the cliff for Kerry because he bought the New Hampshire primary with his wife’s money

As a consolation prize to the left, Dean was made head of the DNC. His more fiscal outlook led to the expanded fundraising efforts that funded Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008. Again, he reversed his fortune. His anger over the Clintons led to some fishy decisions in the Democratic primary process. He was out of the DNC after the election so that Jackass could hand-pick his thugs.

Dean comes back now as a hero of the liberals who still believe in something. He said this week that the health insurance reform bill in the Senate should be killed and they should use the Congressional one as the only template. The White House was predictably livid. Ironically, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton are on the same page in wanting a more universal system of health care, and not a mandatory health insurance industry buy-in.

If voters are experiencing buyer’s remorse with Jackass, Dean is probably feeling seller’s remorse. Jackass talked left to his base but governed like a dead fish. I know the liberals say he’s on the right and the conservatives say he’s on the left, but the president is a straight-up fascist at this point. If Dean wants to set up a run in 2012, now would be the time. He just shouldn’t expect anyone to vote for him.

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Day 406

December 15, 2009
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You know what I don’t have to do anymore? I don’t need to justify in my mind or to others the stupid political things my party does to stay in power. The weight of that being lifted is one of the reasons why conservatives sometimes let the whiny morons win.

Therefore, I am having a great time watching Democrats sell out their principles (yay) and the Treasury (boo) in the service of this health insurance debacle. Socialized medicine is out in this bill. Medicare extension is out. Fines for the uninsured are in. Coverage caps from insurance companies are in. Max Baucus is in trouble for his Tiger Woods impression. Joe Lieberman is in doubt over the potential disillusion of health insurance companies in Connecticut. Ben Nelson is in a tough place with his own party.

Blue dog “conservative” Democrats face a massive loss if they go forward. Many have already decided to retire. Liberals are realizing that this bill is just bait and switch for another pig in a poke that will cost trillions more and probably won’t be any better. El Pollo Loco in the White House is falling in the polls faster than Jimmy Carter.

It almost makes me not want the Republicans to come back.

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Day 405 – Peer Review with Bernie Madoff

December 14, 2009

Jackass was on TV today scolding the banks. I guess he’s checking the naughty and nice list for financial institutions this Christmas season. Claims of predatory lending have given way to calls for mandatory lending. By way of excuse, Congress has pulled out the TARP card. Legally, there’s not a whole lot they can do because TARP was essentially a giveaway. Still, Congress can pass a number of regulations, like the ones that made banks give loans to low-income (otherwise known as bad credit risk) borrowers.

As a separate matter, banks could use more outside watching. It’s another case where existing law was not enforced in exchange for self-regulation. We certainly don’t want Bernie Madoff or Enron being the authority on their area of business such that any sins could be hidden. Then I wonder, why are we doing that for climate change?

Climategate was entertaining for bringing global warming supporters out in the open to defend themselves with indignation. Phrases like “the science is settled” and “peer-reviewed research” were thrown about like campaign slogans. Al Gore, in another misinterpretation said that climate change was a fact, like gravity.

Scientific fact is something not given to grand declarations by political has-beens. That planetary weather patterns change is an observable fact. The tendency of objects without a contrary upward force falling toward a larger object (like the earth) is an observable fact. Alone, these facts provide little context.

For example, Newton’s apple was not bound to the earth by an invisible string. The earth was not pulling the apple to it with gravity, either. Gravity is a fundamental attractive force based on the mass and distance of two objects. The earth and the apple were drawn to each other. Even as the apple “fell” to earth, the earth was moving toward the apple. In that case, however, the earth is about a trillion trillion times more massive and the apple does all the real moving.

Newtonian physics involves math, which is about as objective as you can get in science. Climate science uses computers that “interpret” data. This data is sampled, often normalized, adjusted with “tricks” and then presented in easy to read hockey stick shaped graphs that were proven to be false. Assuming that the collection of climate data is comprehensive, (a big assumption) the resulting patterns are prone to complex systems involving plants, animals, land masses, ocean currents, atmospheric gases, gravitational variations, solar activity and cosmic events.

To avoid scientists with crazy theories concocting ludicrous proofs, the scientific community relies on the peer-review process. Who are the peers? We see a lot of spokespeople for climate science, (celebrities and liberals) a few other scientists (paid guests who spend their time on TV or former engineers like Bill Nye) but very few of the actual climatologists who published. The ones in Climategate have gone into hiding. What about their peers? There are supposedly scientists who reviewed the data as peers, asked the tough questions, double checked their data and gave them a seal of approval. Do any of them want to go on CNN?

Back in the good Michael Moriarty days of Law and Order, an episode called “Big Bang” featured a scientific “peer” who turned down a research proposal so that said peer could steal it and publish the results as his own. Had a murder not been involved, he would have gotten away with it. Peers are human beings. They have superior knowledge in one area, not superior intellect. I really wonder where that knowledge lies when they let Al Gore defend them without being reviewed.

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Day 404

December 13, 2009

So, ABC is airing their infomercial on Jackass in the White House. I call it an infomercial since Oprah Winfrey doesn’t work for ABC and the network is nothing but an outlet for this.

This Christmas, millions of families have to face a parent out of a job. Millions more face having to move because they can’t afford the mortgage. Two states are financially insolvent. What are we doing? We’re raising the credit limit on our debt ceiling. We’re spending trillions on health care that may cover an extra 3% of Americans who can’t afford it, but not for 4 years. We allow a trade deficit with China because they basically own us now.

13 months after the election, more people disapprove of Jackass than approve of him. If that isn’t reflected in the polls next year, we’ll wish for a Christmas like this one.

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Day 403 – Conan the Contrarian

December 12, 2009

When I tuned in to The Tonight Show last night, my first thought was “Andy Richter is back as the sidekick?” Basically, I haven’t even bothered to watch that show since Leno decided to helm the Titanic of 10pm prime time shows. I haven’t watched any of them, actually.

I liked Conan at 12:30. He does the best bits, being a former writer for SNL and the Simpsons. He had the inspired idea to turn the liberal tactic of cherry picking quotes from “Going Rouge” on its ear. After William Shatner did a dramatic reading from her book as only he can, Sarah Palin showed up to return the favor with Shatner’s book.

This kind of bucks the trend in late night. Letterman was proven to be as slimy as Palin implied earlier this year. Fallon decided to suck up to NBC Leno-style by putting MSNBC’s lamest on to confuse viewers. Now that I’ve rediscovered Conan, was it his plan all along? Is he trying to be the anti-Letterman? As far as I know, Conan is faithful to his wife and doesn’t have a sex chair in his office. It would be nice if the entertainment world made a little effort to woo that large number of centrists and conservatives who’d like to see something different.

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