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Day 419 – I Smell Brownies

December 28, 2009
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When Janet Napolitano of DHS said “the system worked” yesterday, it was this administration’s “Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job” moment. They managed it in less than a year where it took Bush more than four. Despite protestations to the contrary by this White House, al-Qaeda has also claimed responsibility for the attack.

The major impetus for early American Federalism was the need to raise and finance an army. It is the most important job, and arguably the only true responsibility of a government. Every war in United States history had its detractors. That’s why the government with the consent of Congress and by
the decision of the President is needed to declare war. If the Congress cedes the responsibility to the President, it is still their decision.

From a logistical perspective, we can only fight a military war on places and not on concepts like terror. Thus far, we have not declared war on the entire Middle East. Winning the hearts and minds of Muslims is not enough, since the generation following assimilated, moderate Muslims are radicalizing. It is more important to win than to win over.

I’m not big on conspiracies, but I do understand interconnections. George Washington stressed neutrality, and still we went to war in less than a few decades. We won’t buy Iranian oil, but we buy Chinese products made with and from that same Iranian oil. We’ve played sides against the other, making former allies enemies and finding former allies turning on us. Has our military might hampered us in a world with surgical terrorist attacks? Is our true power the economic life-blood we can take away by isolating our industrial base?

Should we listen to George Washington?

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