Days of Change

Day 415 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

December 24, 2009

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the House,
Congress read polling while getting quite soused.
Amendments were added to the “Health” Bill with care,
100 million here and 300 more there.
“We must pass it now,” politicians have said.
“Or in just a few years, we all will be dead.
And just for good measure let’s raise the debt caps.
If we do it right now, people forget they are saps.
When their tax bills arrive, their illusions will shatter,
But we’ll be reelected, opinion won’t matter.”
Their unity in number is part of the game,
But everyone knows all the culprits by name.
It’s Reid and Pelosi, Lieberman and Nelson
Don’t forget Obama, Stupak and Lincoln.
Remember this day as you walk down the halls,
Next year at this time your majority falls.
The movement is growing while you all ride high,
You wouldn’t know if it were writ in the sky.
They ignore your speeches but watch what you do,
And from that perspective, you should see you are through.
Last year, they faltered and gave in to woes,
But now are emboldened as any march shows.
The ballot box draws them like a dog with a whistle,
To polls they will fly like the down of a thistle.
When the corrupt little statists run away in the night,
The people will say, “always do what is right.”

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