Days of Change

Day 413 – Fickle Me Elmo

December 22, 2009
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Last year, I wrote about the fad of the Jackass presidential election for Christmas. This year, the big toy is some virtual pet, which could describe Bo the magically disappearing White House Dog or the marginally lifelike president BO.

What happens to a kid who wants a toy that was purchased at great expense when he gets bored with it? Sometimes, the parents make him keep it or even use it well past the enjoyment phase. When that happens, the toy becomes something entirely different.

Young voters, like young children, are extremely fickle. Not only have they fallen out of love with their toy president, his presence is a constant reminder that they have to keep him for another 3 years. That disinterest is turning to hate. They’re not likely to buy the Congressional accessories next November. In fact, they may opt for the competing product, sight unseen.

Chances are that the adults will pick up the practical gifts to counter the flashy, empty artifacts of Christmas past. The kids will cry and whine, but those socks and sweaters will last much longer than their love for the broken doll whose TV commercials they now ignore.

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