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Day 409 – Lieberman

December 18, 2009
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Joe Lieberman is my kind of Democrat, ironically enough.

I may talk a right-wing game, but I was pretty damn tired of Bush in 2004. But the war in Iraq and the Democrats’ refusal to accept it made me squeamish about voting for one of them instead. In came Joe Lieberman, 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate and 2004 entrant to the Democratic Primaries. I have no doubt that had the Democrats sucked it up and nominated Lieberman, he would have won the presidency. He had general election written all over him. Plus, he would have been the kind of social liberal who would have made a lot of sane Democrats happy.

Of course, the inmates run the asylum now. Anti-war became the name of the game. The disgusting liberalism and Hollywood idiocy of the 2004 Kerry campaign actually made me happy to vote for Bush. Frankly, I don’t regret it, either. He became the economic president I wanted when I was jobless in 2003. When I lose my job it will be under Jackass’ mishandling of the economy.

The Cheeto crew that Chris Matthews claimed were not real Democrats yesterday were extremely pissed in 2006 and decided to vent their anger at Joe. Lieberman was challenged and beaten by a fat cat liberal millionaire and lost the Democratic nomination. Republicans decided to turn a losing battle into an amazing victory by voting for Independent Lieberman rather than the Republican candidate. While Joe is still a Democrat at heart, he never forgot that solidarity.

Eight years after being the 2000 Vice-Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, he stood before the Republican National Convention to tell everyone why his friend John McCain was a better man than the Jackass. Then he went back and caucused with the Democrats in the Senate.

Liberals, the White House and assorted Democrats are going after Joe now. The need his vote, but they don’t like the cost. Well, Reid and Pelosi decided to play Let’s Make a Deal, Joe’s just the one with the best costume in the audience. They should be careful, too. He’s an Independent, and he could easily decide to caucus with the Republicans. Now, it won’t matter. In 2011, it could lose them the Senate.

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