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Day 407 – Dean

December 16, 2009
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Howard Dean just can’t get it right.

After being a successful governor in Vermont, he decided to run for president in 2004. He stood out of a crowded field of candidates by being squarely against the Iraq War only 8 months after it started. Other candidates, like John Kerry, ran against the economy. Dean had the better issue, since the economy improved in 2004, but it was too late for him.

Wesley Clark entering the race (possibly with the Clintons’ urging) brought a more credible anti-war candidate. A loss in New Hampshire led to the famous scream. His wife was brought into the campaign after the public didn’t like the idea of a spouse being too busy with her own medical practice to campaign for her man. Then the party walked off the cliff for Kerry because he bought the New Hampshire primary with his wife’s money

As a consolation prize to the left, Dean was made head of the DNC. His more fiscal outlook led to the expanded fundraising efforts that funded Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008. Again, he reversed his fortune. His anger over the Clintons led to some fishy decisions in the Democratic primary process. He was out of the DNC after the election so that Jackass could hand-pick his thugs.

Dean comes back now as a hero of the liberals who still believe in something. He said this week that the health insurance reform bill in the Senate should be killed and they should use the Congressional one as the only template. The White House was predictably livid. Ironically, Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton are on the same page in wanting a more universal system of health care, and not a mandatory health insurance industry buy-in.

If voters are experiencing buyer’s remorse with Jackass, Dean is probably feeling seller’s remorse. Jackass talked left to his base but governed like a dead fish. I know the liberals say he’s on the right and the conservatives say he’s on the left, but the president is a straight-up fascist at this point. If Dean wants to set up a run in 2012, now would be the time. He just shouldn’t expect anyone to vote for him.

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