Days of Change

Day 406

December 15, 2009
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You know what I don’t have to do anymore? I don’t need to justify in my mind or to others the stupid political things my party does to stay in power. The weight of that being lifted is one of the reasons why conservatives sometimes let the whiny morons win.

Therefore, I am having a great time watching Democrats sell out their principles (yay) and the Treasury (boo) in the service of this health insurance debacle. Socialized medicine is out in this bill. Medicare extension is out. Fines for the uninsured are in. Coverage caps from insurance companies are in. Max Baucus is in trouble for his Tiger Woods impression. Joe Lieberman is in doubt over the potential disillusion of health insurance companies in Connecticut. Ben Nelson is in a tough place with his own party.

Blue dog “conservative” Democrats face a massive loss if they go forward. Many have already decided to retire. Liberals are realizing that this bill is just bait and switch for another pig in a poke that will cost trillions more and probably won’t be any better. El Pollo Loco in the White House is falling in the polls faster than Jimmy Carter.

It almost makes me not want the Republicans to come back.

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