Days of Change

Day 404

December 13, 2009

So, ABC is airing their infomercial on Jackass in the White House. I call it an infomercial since Oprah Winfrey doesn’t work for ABC and the network is nothing but an outlet for this.

This Christmas, millions of families┬áhave to face a parent out of a job. Millions more face having to move because they can’t afford the mortgage. Two states are financially insolvent. What are we doing? We’re raising the credit limit on our debt ceiling. We’re spending trillions on health care that may cover an extra 3% of Americans who can’t afford it, but not for 4 years. We allow a trade deficit with China because they basically own us now.

13 months after the election, more people disapprove of Jackass than approve of him. If that isn’t reflected in the polls next year, we’ll wish for a Christmas like this one.

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