Days of Change

Day 403 – Conan the Contrarian

December 12, 2009

When I tuned in to The Tonight Show last night, my first thought was “Andy Richter is back as the sidekick?” Basically, I haven’t even bothered to watch that show since Leno decided to helm the Titanic of 10pm prime time shows. I haven’t watched any of them, actually.

I liked Conan at 12:30. He does the best bits, being a former writer for SNL and the Simpsons. He had the inspired idea to turn the liberal tactic of cherry picking quotes from “Going Rouge” on its ear. After William Shatner did a dramatic reading from her book as only he can, Sarah Palin showed up to return the favor with Shatner’s book.

This kind of bucks the trend in late night. Letterman was proven to be as slimy as Palin implied earlier this year. Fallon decided to suck up to NBC Leno-style by putting MSNBC’s lamest on to confuse viewers. Now that I’ve rediscovered Conan, was it his plan all along? Is he trying to be the anti-Letterman? As far as I know, Conan is faithful to his wife and doesn’t have a sex chair in his office. It would be nice if the entertainment world made a little effort to woo that large number of centrists and conservatives who’d like to see something different.

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