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Day 401 – Anthropogenic

December 10, 2009
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I heard guest Ron Geraci on Fox’s Red Eye make an important point about global warming. If the goal is to reverse climate change, why is it so important to assign blame by saying it’s man-caused? Anthropogenic Global Warming is an increasingly tough sell. Humans produce very little CO2 compared to nature. Other so-called “greenhouse gas” levels have been going down in the US, mostly due to the lack of manufacturing in this country. Instead, dirtier, less developed countries are putting out more pollution regardless of greenhouse gases per product made.

Making global warming man-made has two effects. First, it gives us the arrogance to think we can change something involving an entire solar system by unplugging our cell phone chargers.The second reason is obvious. We broke it, so now we have to buy it.

Funny thing is, the guilt is heaped upon the people who are doing the most about it. China and India feel no guilt about proving economic stability to their countries. They go along with carbon limits for public relations, but won’t commit to legally binding restrictions. Maybe it’s our fault for being their market.

The biggest bang for the buck in carbon neutrality would be to keep manufacturing local. Stop using China and their Iranian-oil powered infrastructure to make a buck. Stop sea and air shipping products here and sending our wastepaper there to make shoddy boxes to pack our stuff. When I see that come up in a climate change meeting, maybe I’ll listen. Until then, the only man-caused global change I see is the UN trying to turn the civilized world into a socialist nightmare.

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