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Day 399

December 8, 2009
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An abortion de-funding amendment was defeated with 55 votes in the Senate today. This is a very perilous victory for Democrats. At least one out of the 60 necessary potential voters will refuse to vote for this bill without such a provision. In fact, only 55 votes are firm now.

Blue dog Democrats in the Senate will face a nearly impossible fight next year based on this health insurance bill alone. Even liberal Democrats face public resentment. Some Democrats who voted for the debate are worried about voting for the Senate version of the bill.

If somehow the Senate is strong-armed into passage, there’s the conference. With abortion funding so fundamentally different in both bills, whichever outcome results will certainly lose two or more Representatives necessary for final passage. They’ve painted themselves into a corner.

I’ve mentioned before that this administration relies on charm, bribes and threats to operate. Charm is pretty much off the table now. Bribes are getting thin so threats will take the forefront. Luckily, gays and women are threatening to starve off the DNC for lack of movement on certain core issues. That puts Democratic candidates in danger of being de-funded themselves.

There’s still a long way to go, but this bill is in sorry shape right now. It will not pass in 2009. In 3-4 months, the election season will start to materialize. Those polls people like Harry Reid have been ignoring will be daily reading. They’re in the weeds now.

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