Days of Change

Day 396 – 12-Dimensional Chess

December 5, 2009
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This weekend, Climategate is world-wide news, Cap and Trade is basically dead, Health Insurance reform is on the ropes and the Senator who sweetened the deal for insurance companies just got caught trying to get a job for his girlfriend. There’s less than a year until election day and even Nancy Pelosi’s liberal district has a Republican challenger.

Was I wrong? Was my perceived suicide streak in the conservative movement truly a brilliant scheme to show the world what these neoliberals are really like? We have a Democrat president and Congress and yet they’ve done nothing. They spend money, sure, but that would have bitten the Republicans on the ass if they had the majority and the unemployment rate was 10% after no stimulus.

This could be the next step up from Jackass’ 11-dimensional chess move. Let Soros get his way. Let Hollywood’s guy get elected. Make ACORN so big they commit unspeakable acts in plain sight. Watch them grab for all the power they can. For the first time in a century, show traditionalists (even liberals, given the Stupak amendment and Afghanistan troop levels) what happens when you blindly vote for hopen’change at the expense of reason.

I think Democrats and the Administration will still fight like hell to stay in power, but they know they will have some major losses in 2010. Things could change, but the loyal (to the founding principles of the country) opposition has all the momentum on its side. The other side has no hope and not even climate change to fall back on.

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