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Day 395 – Dollhouse

December 4, 2009
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All the (new) media attention was focused on ABC’s “V” remake with its excessive focus on hope and adoration hiding the sinister intentions of a supposed savior. It seems that all the while, another series was staking its claim to the mechanics of creating a mandate out of nothing.

If for any reason, someone may be negatively spoiled about the series Dollhouse, stop now.

Dollhouse¬†is a series for FOX created by Joss Whedon¬†(Buffy, the Vampire Slayer & Firefly) about people who are used as shells for whatever personality is needed by a wealthy client. It started as a story about desperate, attractive people who gave up their memories for 5 years so their bodies could be used for romantic encounters. By the end of the first season, a more sinister plot of a pharmaceutical company using these “dolls” as guinea pigs was revealed.

The culmination of the series came tonight. A Senator was revealed as a doll. But he wasn’t some desperate criminal or depressive. He was the black sheep of a political family. His personality was altered to make him more political. Three years later, he was a powerful Senator being groomed for president. he’s also under the control of the most sinister corporation in television.

Dollhouse is canceled. The announcement came a month ago. I start to wonder if these plot lines hit a little too close to home. Might we see more of the marginalization of provocative story if it’s too uncomfortable? A character referred to the corporation as fascists. Who else in real life fits that bill?

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