Days of Change

Day 393

December 2, 2009
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Today, I heard ABC News fact check Sarah Palin’s bus tour. I’m really not surprised, but they are getting more inventive. Since the fact-checking of her book (which has been subsequently counter fact-checked with real facts) was a big flop, they are desperate to inform us that while ordinary Americans wait out in the cold, Palin has been flying the distance between far away cities “in style” (they used that exact phrase).

Yes, I’m sure Sarah Palin has to fly to make it to different appearances. Those planes cost money, paid for by the publisher. That publisher and that charter service are extremely grateful to her as well, for giving them business in a down economy. Sarah Palin has created more jobs that President Jackass this year.

Since ABC has finally run out of news, here’s some more fact-checking ideas.

  • The White House handing out white coats during a press conference about health care to make doctors look more doctory (assuming all the white coat wearers were doctors).
  • Two party “crashers” at the first state dinner who were in communication with a hand-picked Administration staff member who was stringing them along over tickets until the day of the party. How about the fact that a staff member who would usually handle the guest list was let go earlier this year with the explanation that the White House would not host state dinners during the economic downturn?
  • A certain network airing a holiday special with Oprah interviewing the president. There is no news value and the program will likely be low rated. I wonder what network would do such a thing.

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