Days of Change

Day 381

November 20, 2009

The news I’ve seen this week goes beyond political tone-deafness into unbridled arrogance. In less than 2 weeks, 3 blows have been dealt to women’s health issues, all of which are good for the government’s bottom line, especially when health insurance reform comes into play.

We already know this White House is full of dudes who talk like it’s a locker room even though the “alpha” male is a physical mess and his right hand man is a ballet dancer. The worst kind of sports obsessed guys are the ones who don’t know anything about the work that goes into teamwork. The subtle misogyny is everywhere. Yes, conservatives can see real misogyny, but too often it tends to get obscured in all the righteous indignation on the Left.

These plans to eliminate screenings and kill women off may be part of that attitude, but there is another issue. Women still go to doctors more often than men do. Even if they don’t have a primary care physician, many women use their OB/Gyn in that capacity. What’s a good way to cut costs? Eliminate the reason for women to go to a doctor with any regularity.

Anyone who is for passage of this disaster is not for real health care reform. There is no chance of making it “better” because too many politicians have conflicting definitions of better. People who bitterly argue for universal health care are becoming more dishonest by the day. This bill is the opposite of UHC. Even if advocates wanted to scrap it, they never cover the many compelling flaws with universal health care. If we adopted that kind of system to match other countries, we would all pay a 10% higher income tax, care would be rationed, punitive damages in court would be virtually eliminated and doctors would work for the state.

Sarah Palin got to this on her Facebook page before I could blog about it . Honestly, I don’t think she’s any smarter than I am. But I have to say she is beyond me when it comes to political smarts. Considering I’m smarter politically than this administration, they should watch out.

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Day 380 – The Ownership Society

November 19, 2009
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The only funny thing I heard on The Daily Show last night, with the exception of Dylan Radigan’s liberal brand of incompetence, was what Jon Stewart said to Lou Dobbs about health insurance reform. I don’t watch TDS as a rule, but the lack of Lou on the TV is tough to deal with sometimes.

When Dobbs brought up Obamacare, Stewart stopped him, claiming that the plan is a series of proposals by various members of Congress and the president has not endorsed a particular one yet. He did manage an aside that Jackass’ lack of direction in the debate was a negative aspect of the negotiations.

The fact is, Jackass does own this bill. By signing it, he gives tacit approval to all the ridiculous provisions in the bill. Even without a laundry list, he’s still exerted pressure to shape the bill the way he wants it.

For months, Jackass has criticized Republicans, conservatives, tea party protesters and people who express opinions as opponents of “reform.” All of these people have opinions about what constitutes real reform. When Jackass says that anything else besides the Democratic bill is not reform, he is narrowing his approved form of legislation to the bills and amendments before Congress.

Make no mistake. He wants to sign this bill or one much like it. If he hasn’t explicitly supported or opposed a provision, he DOES NOT CARE if it is in or out of the bill. In fact, the sweeping changes in the bill are not so important as the nearly invisible provisions that will pay off his friends and supporters.

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Day 379 – Scorched Earth

November 18, 2009
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The suicide bomber credo is pretty simple. As long as you don’t care about living, blowing yourself up has a chance to do more damage than blowing things up remotely and staying alive. There’s also the 72 virgins in the afterlife. Now, imagine if there was another form of life after death.

On the eve of the nearly meaningless House vote on Health Insurance reform, Jackass told his minions in the House that the “teabag” protesters will not vote for Democrats regardless of what they do, so they might as well vote for this historic bill. He’s basically screwed his party so badly, that many Democrats should expect to lose in 2010.

Most Americans don’t want health legislation as written, as proposed, or as thought up on the fly an hour before the vote. Instead of listening to their constituents, these politicians may choose to prepare for the afterlife. This administration has become a haven for all kinds of political crackpots with no chance of holding office. The ones who fight most valiantly may find themselves in a cushy government job come 2011.

Then there’s the debt. We have accumulated more debt than Bush’s entire first TERM in office in less than a year. There are also trillions of dollars in guarantees to various financial institutions that will not do much better in the near future. While there is not monetary inflation, consumer costs are going up. With low interest rates, money is simply being passed from bank to bank, while businesses are shut out of needed loans.

We are out of money. Medicare is within months to years of losing solvency. Social Security lost a number of years before its fall due to early claims by younger seniors with no job prospects. Taxes are increasing on small business through regulation and income taxes. The stock market has returned to 2008 levels, only with 7 million less jobs and incomes now.

Is this an orchestrated plan to take down the United States as proposed by Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers? Is this a planned financial overthrow by George Soros to make socialism the prevailing economic structure? I personally don’t think so, but I do not think it unreasonable to consider it anymore.

At the very least, the White House is trying to check off a wish list on the order of the New Deal (going bankrupt at a 12% tax rate) or Great Society (crippling levels of debt) as soon as possible. Like FDR and LBJ, BHO is unable to sell the idea to the people and is using bullying and legislative force to pass these programs.

All the people responsible will be taken care of. Politicians who lose will find work in DC or receive a big payday from backers like Soros. Jackass will be an international sensation. The fascists using government as a social engineering tool will leave office knowing that they won, regardless of how.

The rest of us will have to live with their actions, if we can.

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Day 378

November 17, 2009
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Newsweek, an arm of the Democratic Party, George Soros and MSNBC, decided to put a picture of Sarah Palin in her running gear and ponder how to get rid of her. This is nothing new, considering they doctored a photo of OJ Simpson to make him look darker and more menacing.

Now, someone might say that was Time and not Newsweek which altered the photo, but what’s the difference? A Runners World picture is the same as a Newsweek one. Time Magazine has the same news as Newsweek, except that Time was a real magazine once.

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Day 377

November 16, 2009
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It’s Sarah Palin week. It’s going to be good and bad for everyone with a strong opinion. I can tell already there will be a series of cheap shots and vicious attacks on her. I still think her deranged haters will get the worst of it. They are deeply offended that she is still in the spotlight. They can’t believe she’s selling so many books. They don’t understand why she can’t just go away.

We all know why. The disgust is thinly veiled fear. Instead of fearing domestic terrorists who can now easily kill the families of any judge or jury member in NYC with the misfortune to draw the KSM trial, they fear a tiny woman from Alaska. I’ll sit back and enjoy Sarah Palin week, and I won’t even have to watch CNN anymore.

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Day 376 – Dithering

November 15, 2009

Advertising has taken a commanding role in this administration. Jackass avoided the label of waffling by speaking in broad generalities and empty platitudes. They controlled the message by playing favorites with the media. While their opponent John McCain constantly begged his supporters against non-existent negative campaigning, Evilrod and Co. only made sure to have deniability while letting their thugs run wild.

It’s hard to fight against a nothing. After a year, there is very little this White House has committed to that can be criticized since there’s very little they have actually done. The only thing they’ve kept up is the rhetoric.

We’ve been subjected to almost weekly speeches, addresses and shout-outs about economic legislation and priorities that have gone nowhere. Make no mistake, the Stimulus package was a way to pay off his contributors. The one group you can’t charm are the people who bankrolled you.

The message control continues. The tea party movement are a bunch of Republicans. They’re crazy. The crowds are a hundred times smaller than a “real” event. Opponents are racists or stupid.

Our New Hope may be Darth Vader. Dick Cheney didn’t need to be Vice President. He isn’t particularly concerned about his legacy. He’s going rogue himself and taking on this president. Without an advertising background, he managed to define this president as dithering. For years, the Republicans did well with waffling. Any president who moderates their position can be accused of it. Bush “waffled” on national building and government spending.

Dithering is what this jackass does best. It’s defined as indecisive agitation. You don’t take a stand on an issue, but you talk and talk about it. Inaction has become an action in itself. It’s something you can’t sell yourself out of, either. The only defense is action. Then it’s waffle time.

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Day 375 – The Art of War

November 14, 2009

If you are physically incapable of voting for a Republican, stop here. Seek professional help.

Elections have consequences. When the Democrats took the House and Senate in 2006, Bush fired Rumsfeld the next day. Less than a year later, the economy went in the toilet. In 2008, the Republicans nominated a Conservative who didn’t want to market himself as a Conservative against a jackass who only wanted to market himself.

Of the voters in that election, there were two quantifiable and diametrically opposed groups who had an impact. Social conservatives had dreams of an epic defeat that would lead to triumph. PUMAs had a nightmare nominating process that used the letter of the law and manipulation of events to rob them of the rightful outcome. Those social Conservatives stayed home and the PUMAs voted for any number of third-party candidates and for McCain as a last resort.

What they hopefully learned is that you punish someone by voting for the other person, not by staying home. Abstaining is a vote lost, but voting against a candidate is two votes lost. In the end, both groups lost.

Here’s the redemption. In 2010, everyone can vote for a member of the House and many can vote for a Senator. When you get to that booth, you vote for the Republican candidate. Don’t even read the name.

How dare I thwart democracy by such a request? Well, all of the people who say both parties are the same won’t be getting an independent to vote for anyway. If they’re the same, vote for one. Her’s what you get with a massive Democratic defeat.

  1. Democrats who listen to you. Since the beginning of the year, Reid and Pelosi have used “we won” as an excuse for ignoring the peons who are their bosses.
  2. Hillary becomes the savior of the party. She can legitimately resign from SOS and declare that she wants to revitalize the Democratic Party the way her husband did. When those Democrats start to listen to you in defeat, they sure as hell will listen to Hillary, too.
  3. Gridlock isn’t so bad. Reagan and Clinton had it, and they left office mostly liked. Bush had six years without it, and that lack of accountability hurt him. He didn’t get rid of Rumsfeld until after the 2006 election, but he also proved that the Democrats were cowards on stopping the war. Had he done that earlier, blame would have been shared.

Then there’s the inevitable claim that Republicans are heatless/evil/sexually inadequate/foul-smelling and generally bad people. Think about this.

  1. Jackass will still be president. He can bitch and moan all day about the Republicans trying to stop him, but he can still veto the bills.
  2. There are so many Republican Senators up for re-election, it is mathematically impossible for them to regain the Senate in 2010. At best, the Republicans will win the House.
  3. The Republicans can read exit polls. If a loose coalition of Jackass’ opponents put them over the top, they may consider that group persuadable. How would you like the GOP to change their abortion platform to match the many pro-choice Republican officeholders? It’s not going to happen voting for Nader.

This is, for lack of a more PC term, war. While some battles are painful, this strategy has a great deal of upside and very little downside. Take your righteous political anger out on the real problem, the people in charge right now.

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Day 374

November 13, 2009
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When it rains, it pours. Inexplicably, Eric Holder chose Friday the 13th to announce that terrorists would leave Gitmo on an all-expense paid trip to New York and the kind of civilian trial that your average white-collar criminal gets. And if that white-collar criminal contributed enough to Bill Clinton, Eric Holder has been known to let them off the hook.

I saw one of the Jersey Girls on MSNBC. She is all for this, since it will expose the Bush administration’s fault for 9/11. In fact, even if civilian lawyers get him off, it will be all Bush’s fault for getting information out of KSM instead of giving him cigarettes and candy bars like I’ve heard some CIA guys suggest.

You know what I blame Bush for? The idiotic politically correct decisions that are screwing us over. Don’t bomb the most heavily fortified building in an Afghan town because it’s used as a Mosque. Don’t look too closely at the Muslim guy who thinks suicide bomber is just another specialization in the military. Close down Abu Gharib instead of running it correctly in the first place.

The timing is strange, but it was bound to happen soon. Jackass really screwed the pooch over the Insurance bill negotiations. Instead of making a decision, he voted “present” on the Stupak Amendment and told Pelosi to deal with it. Her completely non-existent political instincts led her to make abortion financially inaccessible to even more women. That’s where the distraction squad comes in.

And for all the talk of 11th dimensional chess, there is only one play going on. The political class is playing the conservatives and the liberals against each other. The people who actually believe in something are the hardest to manipulate. Why bother when it takes very little to fool 51% of the electorate? At this point, anyone who supports the president doesn’t have any principles at all except for winning. With the NY-23 debacle, Republicans are in the same boat.

We need a real choice.

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Day 373

November 12, 2009

He’s dealt with irate tabloid hosts, ethnocentric racists and liberals of all stripes. In the end, Lou Dobbs left CNN because of idiot management.

Dobbs was fine when he went against Chinese trade imbalances or hard times for the middle class during the Bush administration. He was telling it like it is when he preached political independence during the 2008 campaign. But when Lou Dobbs continually pointed out the flaws in the current adminstration, that was the last straw.

Instead of bold populism, CNN prefers snarky devotion to the current regime in the guise of “straight news.” That’s the kind of network leadership that has rocketed CNN to fourth behind its own Headline News channel.

Lou should be glad he got out when he did. His show was #3 in its time slot.

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Day 372 – Bold Colors

November 11, 2009
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Tell me any of the greatest presidents in history and I can tell you something wrong with them. Lincoln was hated in his time and eventually assassinated. Kennedy won with barely over 50% of the electoral vote. Clinton never got 50% of the popular vote. FDR was a bully who was struck down by the Supreme Court more than once. Truman nuked two cities.

So I could care less what some people who are Jackass’ opponents think of Ronald Reagan. I suspect history will prove me right. Since we do all oppose the Shout-Outer in Chief, most elected representatives, and the two major parties in general regardless of political ideology, I am reminded of something Reagan said in 1975.

“I am impatient with those Republicans who after the last election rushed into print saying, “We must broaden the base of our party” – when what they meant was to fuzz up and blur even more the differences between ourselves and our opponents.

Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?

Let our banner proclaim our belief in a free market as the greatest provider for the people.

Let us explore ways to ward off socialism, not by increasing government’s coercive power, but by increasing participation by the people in the ownership of our industrial machine.

It is time to reassert our principles and raise them to full view. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these principles, then let them go their way.”

Again, those Republicans are rushing into print. 35 years later, the print is online and the criticism is equally substantial to the magnetic bits that make up those web sites. 40% of Americans consider themselves Conservative. That isn’t a base, it’s a mandate.

The same is true for Democrats. I see their frustration with a president who is not so much a liberal as a fascist. He isn’t obsessed with letting people do whatever they want, he’s obsessed with making people do what he thinks is the correct thing. Rahn Emmanuel’s Southern Strategy has created a shadow party inside the Democratic one, giving the White House a win by selling out liberal principles.

Conservatives offer reminisce about the 1984 presidential election where liberalism and conservatism went head to head and liberalism got run over like road kill. That was the end of liberalism in the classic sense. The Democrats took on a series of moderate politicians and power mad megalomaniacs funding them.

The dirty little secret is that they too could resurge. There are libertarians who don’t understand what a classic liberal is and how they hold the rights of everyone above even the government. Liberals could very well capture the libertarians sick of the social values of modern conservatives.

I’m sick of politicians like Dede Scozzafava, who even wears pale pastels as well as legislating in them. I’m sick of guys like Chris Dagget who try to cut down the middle to look “reasonable” when they are, in reality, chameleons.

I want bold colors and bold differences. I want to win or lose based on beliefs and not a soaring tower of bullshit rhetoric. I want politicians to take a stand and I want to know where I stand with them.

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