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Day 388 – Carrie On | November 27, 2009

Conservatives are dismayed with the sex tape revelations about Carrie Prejean coming on the heels of her book release. In some ways they were played. Prejean was able to explain away her implants and nude photos, but not her half-truths about the “sex” tapes with no intercourse

Well, they were expecting too much from this 22-year-old. Sometimes conservatives get too wrapped up with the narrative they create. Carrie Prejean did not become a marriage advocate, she was a beauty pageant contestant who was embraced by the straight marriage community.

if Prejean was crowned Miss USA and then dethroned because of sex tapes and naked pictures, she’d be well on her way to a lucrative career in acting right now. This was always about the reaction to a question that was incongruous at best in a beauty contest. She is an example of going off the orthodoxy in the entertainment world. Miss America wasn’t sleazy enough for network TV anymore and moved to CMT. If Prejean were in that contest, a bottom-feeder like Perez Hilton would never had been a judge. If he had, her answer would have won her the contest.

I don’t have a particularly high opinion of Prejean, but I don’t have a low one, either. She traded on her looks to win contests. She traded on her opinions to win political friends. She used her sexuality to keep a boyfriend. None of these things makes her morally reprehensible. These things make her shallow. Someday, she won’t be so shallow. Until then, carry on, Carrie.

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  1. Your decency in allowing this little-more-than-a-girl to be human would make a great lesson for thr media.

    Comment by Mary — November 27, 2009 @ 10:27 pm

  2. I am a conservative Christian, and I am not dismayed at all. She is young, and most folks her age, regardless of beliefs, are not that mature as folks or even themseles would believe they are. Christians are supposed to believe we are all sinners and fall short of the glory of God and can only be justified by faith in Christ. So what if she sinned in the past?

    Folks make too much of the fact she took a moral stand based on her Christian faith on an issue, so that must make her a hypocrite for moral failures in the past on other issues. That does not follow. If she is presently marrying a woman, they would have a case. Not in this case.

    Christians having moral failings is not a shocker to themselves. We don’t claim to hold to moral values we preach and believe in, since all of us are sinners, but we strive for them, even as imperfect and sinners that we are, by the grace of God.

    The Bible is full of folks held up as examples of faith that did far worse things than Carrie Prejean.

    King David was the man who sought after God’s own heart, yet he committed adultery (against God’s law), murder (against God’s law), etc. And yes, he did danced naked in ways that made Prejean looked like a prude in her pictures and video stills. For all his moral failings, he had a much bigger platform for faith than Prejean ever did- he was king of a nation that bore God’s laws and he was the anointed king of God. He wrote most of the psalms and was himself quite a prophet.

    And, he did his sins while he was the man of God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say he was a hypocrite. He was just an imperfect human being who failed many times to honor God’s law but he was also repentant and expressed that in some of psalms, particularly numbers 32 and 51.

    Prejean did her sins in the past. Folks who want to bash her say having recent sins even before taking a stand for faith and morals disqualify her from doing so. Usually those are the liberal types who bash her anyway even if none of this comes out.

    Again, on biblical grounds they are wrong. Paul was out murdering Christians until Christ literally knocked him off his horse than had him converted and baptized. Right away, he was told to preach, and that’s exactly what he did. And he was not considered a hypocrite for doing so. And obviously, Christ was not called hypocrite for telling him to do.

    The article you wrote is correct: she is shallow in some ways, but that’s expected for a lot of people her age. Christians don’t hold the younger ones to the same standards as the older ones, since we realize even as Christians, it is a process of growing and maturing, and no one will truly arrive til the day we die. We will remain striving and struggling with sin til that day.

    Comment by Punisher — November 28, 2009 @ 8:37 am

  3. On the other hand the Bible has no direct laws against being naked in any way, shape, or form (I still maintain if Prejean was someone else, her pictures would not have even been seen as either nude or semi-nude, given none says that about SI and Victoria’s Secret photos, which often are more risque, nor even after Miss USA contests, which are at times more showy). The Bible has no laws against masturbating. And definitely, no laws against breast implants (if it is sin to have them, then by that logic, it is sin to have oral surgery and braces, taking muscle supplements, etc.).

    Granted, there are principles one can draw from the Bible to show those are sins. I do believe many of those except breast implants are sins since they indulge in the flesh and can prove stumbling block to those who it is shown to by her and her alone (I think her ex is a jerk for showing what she did meant for private to the world).

    But the fact folks bashed her as if those sins are equal to the things they supported (gay marriage) is laughable. The Bible does forbid certain sins that those bashers support, yet they bash her for sins that are not even explicitly forbidden by the Bible and act as if she cannot live up to her moral standards from God’s word (which demands perfection, by the way), then she is hypocrite.

    The truth is they can no more live by their lower sets of standards then Christians can live up to theirs. Christians don’t claim they do- but Christ did for them. Those who bash by logic are claiming they are living up to their own standards. So are they claiming to be perfect then?

    Comment by Punisher — November 28, 2009 @ 8:43 am

  4. Liberal Atheism/Agnosticism is very much like a religion where “hypocricy” is the greatest sin. You can be gay, unless you vote against pro-gay legislation. You can be divorced, unless you talk up the value of marriage. You can use drugs on the sly unless you talk about the dangers of drugs. Oh, and you can violate those same laws if you support all the other liberal ideals.

    If you look at Vanessa L. Williams, she had nude photos and lost her Miss America crown. She went on to have a music career and an acting career. She has a show on ABC right now. I am so sick and tired of conservatives being considered intolerand when the liberals are throwing all the stones.

    Comment by 1539days — November 28, 2009 @ 11:18 pm

  5. “I am so sick and tired of conservatives being considered intolerand when the liberals are throwing all the stones.”

    Which goes back to the point of they can no more live by their own standards then Christians can live the standards found in God’s word.

    Liberals who threw stones at Prejean are the real hypocrites.

    As if they don’t act like her when they were her ages.

    Comment by Punisher — November 30, 2009 @ 11:49 pm

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