Days of Change

Day 388 – Carrie On

November 27, 2009

Conservatives are dismayed with the sex tape revelations about Carrie Prejean coming on the heels of her book release. In some ways they were played. Prejean was able to explain away her implants and nude photos, but not her half-truths about the “sex” tapes with no intercourse

Well, they were expecting too much from this 22-year-old. Sometimes conservatives get too wrapped up with the narrative they create. Carrie Prejean did not become a marriage advocate, she was a beauty pageant contestant who was embraced by the straight marriage community.

if Prejean was crowned Miss USA and then dethroned because of sex tapes and naked pictures, she’d be well on her way to a lucrative career in acting right now. This was always about the reaction to a question that was incongruous at best in a beauty contest. She is an example of going off the orthodoxy in the entertainment world. Miss America wasn’t sleazy enough for network TV anymore and moved to CMT. If Prejean were in that contest, a bottom-feeder like Perez Hilton would never had been a judge. If he had, her answer would have won her the contest.

I don’t have a particularly high opinion of Prejean, but I don’t have a low one, either. She traded on her looks to win contests. She traded on her opinions to win political friends. She used her sexuality to keep a boyfriend. None of these things makes her morally reprehensible. These things make her shallow. Someday, she won’t be so shallow. Until then, carry on, Carrie.

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