Days of Change

Day 387

November 26, 2009
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Being thankful has started giving way to being grateful, since giving thanks probably implies that people are thanking God or something. Thanksgiving was originally about giving thanks to God for the bounty of nature at a time where food was scarce and subject to climate change (the real kind).

In America, we have very much conquered nature.  Even though we import an increasing amount of foreign food items, we could still feed this country with our own products. It is also a time to consider those who do not have enough to eat due to circumstance. Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and mindful.

Despite constant attempts by the government, people in this country still go without food or shelter. The religious organizations frequently maligned by statists have provided help before the US existed and will after the US no longer exists. The want to help. The government want to fix the problem. Fixing rarely helps.

The question of why people go hungry is an offshoot of the question of why bad things happen to good people. In a nutshell, because we are free to have those things happen. Imagine if the government used the FDA to buy all produce, decide what foods were best for people to eat and then outlawed all but the approved list of foods. Imagine a Thanksgiving dinner where you could only chow down on a 200 gram block of turkey infused tofu with vitamin enhanced cranberry water on the side.

One organization cannot change the lives of every person. It takes a change in attitude by everyone. God help me, I’m channeling “It takes a Village.” In my case, I don’t think that change means anything if it’s enforced by the state. We have to connect to each other as human beings, because every other global entity seems to be acting against the human race.

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