Days of Change

Day 386 – Doing Sex to America

November 25, 2009

On Saturday Night Live this week, the show president was berated by the show Chinese PM. Some of the TV shows (mostly on Fox) played the irony of spending money to prop up the economy when it just increases the debt. I liked the reaction of the Hu Jintao through the translator.

He said that the president was “doing sex” to him. That may be the perfect broken English euphemism for the way Jackass is screwing everyone over. And I do mean everyone. All the commie wannabees who think they’re getting the cowering, unremarkable America they always wanted will soon find out that America will not be able not allow people in ivory towers to live the lifestyle to which they are currently accustomed.

No, doing sex to America will lower the standard for the rest of the world. Only the most criminal element will stand to gain. They too, will discover that the poverty of their targets will impact them as well. Still, I hold out hope for this country. I believe there is American exceptionalism. I believe that we will not be toppled like some other top-heavy anachronistic regime. I look forward to the day when America turns to Soros and other internationalists and tells them to do sex to themselves.

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