Days of Change

Day 384 – The Lie

November 23, 2009
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I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh that the people drinking Jackass’ bathwater¬†have now crossed over into being pathological liars. I was considering the idea of detailing the lies about health “reform,” but most of them are false assumptions. What we are dealing with now are lies.

Global warming is a lie. The arguments can be massaged and the science can be interpreted, but there has been an ongoing campaign to lie about global warming, The “scientific” community spent more time discrediting their critics than convincing others. As with this administration, it is a sure sign your ideas have no merit when you do this. Urgency is not an excuse to lie. Go back to the drawing board and shut up now.

MSNBC lies daily. A Republican told Chris “Tingles” Matthews that he would be against this health care bill if it were proposed by Republicans. Tingles lied twice. He said he would support it and that he liked Nixon’s attempt at health care reform, whatever the hell that was. At least claim to be for Clinton’s health care plan. There’s an outside chance I’d believe that.

The White House lied about Glenn Beck’s lack of credibility. If he were truly wrong, his red phone would be ringing off the hook. It doesn’t count to have data miners pour through the¬†video and point out a misspelled word two days later. Sorry, Dobermann. Oh, and sorry that Anita Dunn had to go under the bus like that.

Liberals have been using phrases like “lying liars who lie” and calling individuals liars for years. I don’t have to resort to their method of lying. The lies are what’s important. The credit comes soon enough. Even the lies teach something about the person speaking them.

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