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Day 382 – The Plan

November 21, 2009
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Here we go.

Technically, there are three steps left to this tax plan disguised as health insurance reform. The Senate has to vote for this placeholder bill which means jack shit. Then, there’s a conference committee who has to organize all the bribes and add some more taxes to pay for them. Then, the House and Senate have to re-vote on a single bill that will be rubber-stamped by the jackass in the White House.

There is very little chance that those things won’t happen now. There are 220 persuadable Representatives and 60 persuadable Senators. That’s all it takes. Now, the one Republican of all of them says he won’t vote for it unless there are enough Democrats without him. Bill Owens may be removed from office depending on the vote and Bart Stupak threatens a reversal if his anti-abortion amendment is removed from the final bill.

Don’t believe it. They can all be bought. If any one of them drops out, it’s easy enough to purchase another. The Republicans may be steeling themselves for passage. They want to be the wall of no for when this shit hits the fan. I don’t trust them either.

Glenn Beck plays a clip of George Bush claiming to abandon free market principles to save the free market when he signed TARP. For one shining moment last year, Pelosi was defeated when every single Republican voted against TARP and not enough Democrats voted for it. John McCain used the power of his decades in the Senate to help negotiate the crap sandwich (h/t Michelle Malkin) filled with bipartisan pork.

Not only did that act lose McCain the election, but it cemented the idea that Republicans are just Democrats who are slightly less melodramatic. It will damage the party for years to come. If they bend on this bill, it’s over.

The aforementioned Beck announced a 100 year plan for revitalizing America. It’s an interesting idea and completely unworkable. In 1909, most Americans were farmers. Doctors had a limited number of remedies for ailments and old age was a result of the genetic lottery. Very few people had cars and they had their trip planned, because there were no gas stations. The telephone was non-existent in homes, radio was uncommon and TV was two generation in the future.

You can’t write rules for 2009 in 1909. You can’t write 2109 rules in 2009. What we can do is apply 2009 frustration to 2010 elections. We have to extricate ourselves from this mountainous debt immediately. Finances will bring down this country if left unchecked. My plan is still the same. Un-elect all Democrats. Un-elect all Republicans who vote like Democrats for that matter. In the next year we are going to take on another $3-4 trillion in debt. That can’t be helped. It may destroy us yet. Any other plan might as well be a 100 year plan. It will require starting from scratch.

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