Days of Change

Day 381

November 20, 2009

The news I’ve seen this week goes beyond political tone-deafness into unbridled arrogance. In less than 2 weeks, 3 blows have been dealt to women’s health issues, all of which are good for the government’s bottom line, especially when health insurance reform comes into play.

We already know this White House is full of dudes who talk like it’s a locker room even though the “alpha” male is a physical mess and his right hand man is a ballet dancer. The worst kind of sports obsessed guys are the ones who don’t know anything about the work that goes into teamwork. The subtle misogyny is everywhere. Yes, conservatives can see real misogyny, but too often it tends to get obscured in all the righteous indignation on the Left.

These plans to eliminate screenings and kill women off may be part of that attitude, but there is another issue. Women still go to doctors more often than men do. Even if they don’t have a primary care physician, many women use their OB/Gyn in that capacity. What’s a good way to cut costs? Eliminate the reason for women to go to a doctor with any regularity.

Anyone who is for passage of this disaster is not for real health care reform. There is no chance of making it “better” because too many politicians have conflicting definitions of better. People who bitterly argue for universal health care are becoming more dishonest by the day. This bill is the opposite of UHC. Even if advocates wanted to scrap it, they never cover the many compelling flaws with universal health care. If we adopted that kind of system to match other countries, we would all pay a 10% higher income tax, care would be rationed, punitive damages in court would be virtually eliminated and doctors would work for the state.

Sarah Palin got to this on her Facebook page before I could blog about it . Honestly, I don’t think she’s any smarter than I am. But I have to say she is beyond me when it comes to political smarts. Considering I’m smarter politically than this administration, they should watch out.

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