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Day 380 – The Ownership Society

November 19, 2009
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The only funny thing I heard on The Daily Show last night, with the exception of Dylan Radigan’sĀ liberal brand of incompetence, was what Jon Stewart said to Lou Dobbs about health insurance reform. I don’t watch TDS as a rule, but the lack of Lou on the TV is tough to deal with sometimes.

When Dobbs brought up Obamacare, Stewart stopped him, claiming that the plan is a series of proposals by various members of Congress and the president has not endorsed a particular one yet. He did manage an aside that Jackass’ lack of direction in the debate was a negative aspect of the negotiations.

The fact is, Jackass does own this bill. By signing it, he gives tacit approval to all the ridiculous provisions in the bill. Even without a laundry list, he’s still exerted pressure to shape the bill the way he wants it.

For months, Jackass has criticized Republicans, conservatives, tea party protesters and people who express opinions as opponents of “reform.” All of these people have opinions about what constitutes real reform. When Jackass says that anything else besides the Democratic bill is not reform, he is narrowing his approved form of legislation to the bills and amendments before Congress.

Make no mistake. He wants to sign this bill or one much like it. If he hasn’t explicitly supportedĀ or opposed a provision, he DOES NOT CARE if it is in or out of the bill. In fact, the sweeping changes in the bill are not so important as the nearly invisible provisions that will pay off his friends and supporters.

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