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Day 379 – Scorched Earth

November 18, 2009
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The suicide bomber credo is pretty simple. As long as you don’t care about living, blowing yourself up has a chance to do more damage than blowing things up remotely and staying alive. There’s also the 72 virgins in the afterlife. Now, imagine if there was another form of life after death.

On the eve of the nearly meaningless House vote on Health Insurance reform, Jackass told his minions in the House that the “teabag” protesters will not vote for Democrats regardless of what they do, so they might as well vote for this historic bill. He’s basically screwed his party so badly, that many Democrats should expect to lose in 2010.

Most Americans don’t want health legislation as written, as proposed, or as thought up on the fly an hour before the vote. Instead of listening to their constituents, these politicians may choose to prepare for the afterlife. This administration has become a haven for all kinds of political crackpots with no chance of holding office. The ones who fight most valiantly may find themselves in a cushy government job come 2011.

Then there’s the debt. We have accumulated more debt than Bush’s entire first TERM in office in less than a year. There are also trillions of dollars in guarantees to various financial institutions that will not do much better in the near future. While there is not monetary inflation, consumer costs are going up. With low interest rates, money is simply being passed from bank to bank, while businesses are shut out of needed loans.

We are out of money. Medicare is within months to years of losing solvency. Social Security lost a number of years before its fall due to early claims by younger seniors with no job prospects. Taxes are increasing on small business through regulation and income taxes. The stock market has returned to 2008 levels, only with 7 million less jobs and incomes now.

Is this an orchestrated plan to take down the United States as proposed by Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers? Is this a planned financial overthrow by George Soros to make socialism the prevailing economic structure? I personally don’t think so, but I do not think it unreasonable to consider it anymore.

At the very least, the White House is trying to check off a wish list on the order of the New Deal (going bankrupt at a 12% tax rate) or Great Society (crippling levels of debt) as soon as possible. Like FDR and LBJ, BHO is unable to sell the idea to the people and is using bullying and legislative force to pass these programs.

All the people responsible will be taken care of. Politicians who lose will find work in DC or receive a big payday from backers like Soros. Jackass will be an international sensation. The fascists using government as a social engineering tool will leave office knowing that they won, regardless of how.

The rest of us will have to live with their actions, if we can.

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