Days of Change

Day 376 – Dithering

November 15, 2009

Advertising has taken a commanding role in this administration. Jackass avoided the label of waffling by speaking in broad generalities and empty platitudes. They controlled the message by playing favorites with the media. While their opponent John McCain constantly begged his supporters against non-existent negative campaigning, Evilrod and Co. only made sure to have deniability while letting their thugs run wild.

It’s hard to fight against a nothing. After a year, there is very little this White House has committed to that can be criticized since there’s very little they have actually done. The only thing they’ve kept up is the rhetoric.

We’ve been subjected to almost weekly speeches, addresses and shout-outs about economic legislation and priorities that have gone nowhere. Make no mistake, the Stimulus package was a way to pay off his contributors. The one group you can’t charm are theĀ people who bankrolled you.

The message control continues. The tea party movementĀ are a bunch of Republicans. They’re crazy. The crowds are a hundred times smaller than a “real” event. Opponents are racists or stupid.

Our New Hope may be Darth Vader. Dick Cheney didn’t need to be Vice President. He isn’t particularly concerned about his legacy. He’s going rogue himself and taking on this president. Without an advertising background, he managed to define this president as dithering. For years, the Republicans did well with waffling. Any president who moderates their position can be accused of it. Bush “waffled” on national building and government spending.

Dithering is what this jackass does best. It’s defined as indecisive agitation. You don’t take a stand on an issue, but you talk and talk about it. Inaction has become an action in itself. It’s something you can’t sell yourself out of, either. The only defense is action. Then it’s waffle time.

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