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Day 374

November 13, 2009
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When it rains, it pours. Inexplicably, Eric Holder chose Friday the 13th to announce that terrorists would leave Gitmo on an all-expense paid trip to New York and the kind of civilian trial that your average white-collar criminal gets. And if that white-collar criminal contributed enough to Bill Clinton, Eric Holder has been known to let them off the hook.

I saw one of the Jersey Girls on MSNBC. She is all for this, since it will expose the Bush administration’s fault for 9/11. In fact, even if civilian lawyers get him off, it will be all Bush’s fault for getting information out of KSM instead of giving him cigarettes and candy bars like I’ve heard some CIA guys suggest.

You know what I blame Bush for? The idiotic politically correct decisions that are screwing us over. Don’t bomb the most heavily fortified building in an Afghan town because it’s used as a Mosque. Don’t look too closely at the Muslim guy who thinks suicide bomber is just another specialization in the military. Close down Abu Gharib instead of running it correctly in the first place.

The timing is strange, but it was bound to happen soon. Jackass really screwed the pooch over the Insurance bill negotiations. Instead of making a decision, he voted “present” on the Stupak Amendment and told Pelosi to deal with it. Her completely non-existent political instincts led her to make abortion financially inaccessible to even more women. That’s where the distraction squad comes in.

And for all the talk of 11th dimensional chess, there is only one play going on. The political class is playing the conservatives and the liberals against each other. The people who actually believe in something are the hardest to manipulate. Why bother when it takes very little to fool 51% of the electorate? At this point, anyone who supports the president doesn’t have any principles at all except for winning. With the NY-23 debacle, Republicans are in the same boat.

We need a real choice.

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