Days of Change

Day 373

November 12, 2009

He’s dealt with irate tabloid hosts, ethnocentric racists and liberals of all stripes. In the end, Lou Dobbs left CNN because of idiot management.

Dobbs was fine when he went against Chinese trade imbalances or hard times for the middle class during the Bush administration. He was telling it like it is when he preached political independence during the 2008 campaign. But when Lou Dobbs continually pointed out the flaws in the current adminstration, that was the last straw.

Instead of bold populism, CNN prefers snarky devotion to the current regime in the guise of “straight news.” That’s the kind of network leadership that has rocketed CNN to fourth behind its own Headline News channel.

Lou should be glad he got out when he did. His show was #3 inĀ its time slot.

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