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Day 370 – Hate Sex

November 9, 2009
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A lot of feminist ire has been created due to a last-minute amendment in the House’s version of Health Insurance legislation. Even those who supported Jackass are looking at his administration in a new light on gender equality issues. Never let it be said that I’ll avoid pouring gasoline on that kind of fire. Of course, my commentary is on a different aspect.

Carrie Prejean has written a book about her experiences as Miss California, the question heard ’round the world, and the subsequent dismantling of her life by everyone with an ax to grind against any group even tangentially supportive of her. With the impending release of a “sex tape” involving Prejean, Sean Hannity asked why the left is so obsessed with bringing down conservative women.

Is it because women are a core constituency of the Democratic Party? That’s part of it. Is it because of the left’s fined tuned sense of hypocrisy coupled with a total lack of perception of irony? Maybe. However, I think it is an especially dark streak of male attitudes in the liberal mind.

Conservative men don’t tend to feel that way about liberal women. Now, a lot of conservative guys think liberal women are dumb and easy to get into bed if they talk the right talk. It’s not quite the same with liberal men and conservative women.

This view is also perception based. Conservative values are frequently associated with religious values. Religious values are associated with sexual modesty, be it true or not. Since liberalism is non-judgemental to the point of amorality, it’s easier to call out social conservatives and their higher bar of personal behavior.

For most of the nastier elements of the liberal community, that’s where it ends. But there’s an even lower life form in that group which wallows in the moral failures of attractive conservative women. Within hours of Sarah Palin’s biographical information being known, sleazy opponents were looking for Miss Wasilla swimsuit pictures. MSNBC and CNN were sure to count the number of months between the Palins’ marriage and the birth of their first son. There is a cottage community of Jackass’ supporters making sure Bristol’s Palin’s former boyfriend is constantly on TV to the point of making Sarah Palin sympathetic.

Conservative women are perceived as not easy. Because of that, it makes them even more tempting to the intellectual impotence of the angrier male opponents of these women. Revealing the sexual side all human beings have in them is a cheap thrill. And when that isn’t possible, they simply make up crude rumors and fantasies. Yes, they never got out of high school mentally.

What it boils down to is hate sex (or another term other than sex I won’t use here). Playboy put up an online article by Guy Cimbalo detailing which conservative women he would want to take sexually despite of (and because of) his hatred of them politically. This is far from an isolated incident. There’s the posting by Alec Baldwin (a model of humanity, himself) about his fantasy night with Ann Coulter. In an era where liberal men are forced to treat women as equal, political conservatives are the only group left on which to take out their misogyny.

Are there conservative men with similar hate? Maybe, but it is completely unacceptable to show disrespect to a liberal woman. But for the modern-day equivalent of the soldier taking his prize among enslaved villagers, liberal woman look away as the most vile hate is spewed by these virtual rapists. Ultimately, this intellectual assault is about power. It is also about opportunity. Mostly, it’s about hate.

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