Days of Change

Day 369 – Not Republicans

November 8, 2009

There’s a saying that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. One way to attack a virtuous opponent is to conflate their beliefs with something sinister. This week it was about tying Conservatives to Republicans. The lamestream media has chosen to treat the less than 50% win of Doug Owens in NY-23 as a failure by Rush Limbaugh (20 million listeners per week) Glenn Beck (3 million viewers a day) and Sarah Palin (60 million votes).

NONE of these people went to NY-23 campaign events. Joe Biden did. Joe Biden went to New Jersey. Jackass went to Virginia AND New Jersey. I’d say the White House had the bigger stake. They would be the losers by that definition. Of course, the Democrats and the media (about 1 million viewers each) are idiots and liars.

What makes me sick are the recriminations emanating from the Republicans. Somehow the tea party movement is responsible for losing NY-23 because they would not fall in line with a Republican who is known for her stalwart pro-abortion stance and her ties to ACORN subsidiary Working Families Party of New York. Even better, the tea party movement was blamed after Scozzafava sold out her own party as revenge.

The tea party movement is not partisan. If it were, they’d have flooded money into the Scozzafava campaign. They are mostly conservative. By the way, Mr. Steele, Republican hierarchy, the media and any other pundit out there, Conservatives are not Republicans.

Here’s a math lesson. 40% of people self-identify as Conservatives. 20% self-identify as Republicans. Well, we know all Republicans are not Conservatives. There are at least 5 in Congress. One changed parties. It’s numerically impossible for even half of Conservatives to also consider themselves Republicans. Now, more than 20% of people identify themselves as Democrats. Less than that consider themselves liberals. It’s much easier to argue that most liberals are Democrats.

The Tea Party movement didn’t have enough time to field candidates for 2009. They don’t have the political infrastructure to run multiple campaigns in 2010. The Republicans need votes but have the talent to run campaigns. This is a no-brainer. If the Republican Party were to adopt the Conservative principles they did in 1994, they could have a tent as big as 40% of the population. The Democrats have 30%. Yes, you will lose a few RINOs in liberal districts. So did Reagan. So did Bush. Remember Jim Jeffords? No one else does.

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