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Day 368 – No Cure for Cancer | November 7, 2009

Fox’s MadTV once did a sketch where a man’s drunk talk got him all the way to the White House. His inebriated bravado made him a big success and made the country better.

One way this happened was by him developing the cure for cancer. How did he do it? He rounded up all the drug company executives and gave them cancer.

That is basically the green economy. Clean energy technology is costly, inefficient, and ultimately dirtier than the current technology. Instead of cutting their losses, the green community is chasing them. No place that has tried a green technology revolution has seen positive economic results. Still, these people assume that forcing the changes will cure pollution.

Scientists define the possibilities. Engineers make those ideas possible. Working stiffs bring the products into existence. I’ve worked in two of those areas, and have contributed in the third. If you look at “green” technology, the US has only some of the scientists, few of the engineers, and very little of the workforce.

For example, the incandescent light bulb is made in Kentucky out of glass and metal by Americans. Compact fluorescents are made by Chinese workers out of mercury and plastic. That equals a net loss of green jobs. Solar panels are made in China. Next generation power systems are made in China. Get the picture?

Tonight, the Congress will try to force a new insurance system onto people. No one knows just how it will make life better for anyone. Right now, people who don’t pay $4,000 for insurance will be fined $1,000. Right now, you would be $1,000 in the black. By 2011, you may be fined an amount that could pay a hospital bill.

Liberals seem to be the worst kind of managers. They think business is out to screw them. So like your crappy boss, they put the screws to you because it’s the only way to get your lazy ass to work. Well, there are other things that happen when people are constantly screwed over.

They didn’t find the cure for that, either.

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  1. Green jobs? Another spin-off from Gore’s Convenient Lie adopted by the soically correct Liberal Fascists.

    Gore was the Manchurian Candidate of choice. But something went wrong with “their” plan amd GWB was elected. By 2008, it was too late for Gore to be recycled, so they came up with the abortion now usurPing the Oval Office.

    Yes, the NWO malefators are ever bolstering China, their junior (they misthink) partner in global domination. But they are too arrogant and cocksure to remember Napoleon’s warning about China, Let sleeping tigers lie.

    Comment by Mary — November 8, 2009 @ 7:39 pm

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